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    MVP Ching: Grand Final edition: Dogs vs Dees

    5. Pass. Cannot give 5 to anyone based on 4 qtrs of football. 4. See above 3. Daniel 2. Smith R 1. Bont CSA Duryea Thanks again guys for running this comp.
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    Josh Frydenberg. Out of his depth.

    Gave a speech today about the economics of climate change. I remember similar ones given by scientists and academics in the late 1990s. That's how far we are behind due to the stupidity, arrogance and pigheadedness (aka fu**-wittery) of the Liberals, the Nationals, and long gone independents...
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    Roast Highly regarded players whose legacy has been ruined by their media careers

    Remind me again who Brayshaw played for.
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    Christian Porter

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    Christian Porter

    Let's look at really what is going on with this. Morrison boots Porter to the backbench to avoid the train wreck that would have happened whilst Morrison is out of the country from tomorrow. The clown ******* Joyce would be the Acting PM. The media would have had a field day with that idiot...
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    Speculation Mason Cox

    Perfect for playing alongside Jizza.
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    Discussion If you could go back in time and watch five matches which matches would you pick?

    Only one worth watching. 2021 Grand Final when the Dogs beat Melbourne in Perth of all places.
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    MVP Ching Prelim win!!! Defeated Port Power.

    5. Smith B. 4. Macrae 3. Hannan 2. Williams 1. Naughton CSA Schache
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    Radio Broadcasts

    Found something which looks like it will do the job.
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    Radio Broadcasts

    Are radio broadcasts of games available for later listening? Any ideas on where these are located for download?
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    Official Club Stuff Buy/Swap/Sell Barcodes & Tickets to the Grand Final

    Arthur Daley has been reincarnated quite a few times.
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    Vale Jean-Paul Belmondo and Michael K Williams

    RIP to the coolest man ever to grace the screen, J-P Belmondo. RIP to Michael K Williams of Oman Little and Chalky White fame.
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    MVP Ching SF: Doggies d Lions

    5. Macrae 4. Daniel 3. Bont 2. Keath 1. Libba CSA Duryea
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    Roast "The Brownlow is just a midfielder's award"

    Any award not judged by those crooked umpires would be better than the Brownlow.
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    MVP Ching- Elimination final: Doggies d Bombers

    5. Libba 4. Macrae 3. Smith B. 2. W8man 1. Williams CS Young