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    Think Tank Richmond to be recognised as the 2019/2020 Premier

    Port Adelaide 2020 premiers based off the ladder. carn the pear
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    Mod. Notice Bay 13 Poster Of The Decade *Wildcard noms now open*

    Vote 1 craffles for all the porn melts circa 15-17
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    Player Watch #18: Michael Hurley - Fined for striking - 23/3

    reckon Hurley has rich covered over their careers now.
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    Opinion Who are the League's most UNDERRATED Players?

    Very Decent shout. Often accused of being a down hill skier unfairly by oppo fans, most likely me at some stage too I imagine. Has been a very good forward for a long time now.
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    Opinion Who are the League's most UNDERRATED Players?

    think you’ll be hard pressed to find an oppo fan who agrees with you. Servicable, has played his role throughout a successful period but no star. Rated fairly IMO
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    Best App / Website to create a custom private Texas Hold em game

    As the title suggests any ideas? Tried and doesn’t allow enough customisation. tried POkerrrrr and annoying that everyone has to pay. Any ideas? Wanna play some games for cash against my mates stuck at home
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    TV Australian Survivor - All Stars

    fu** Tarzan, one of the most boring people I’ve ever watched
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    Health Coronavirus 2020 / Worldwide (Stats live update in OP)

    Some mistruths about supermarket supply chains and ordering systems in here. One poster mentioned just in time ordering which is 100% spot on. Depending on the category and promotions on at the time supermarkets might only carry a maximum of 7 days worth of inventory in stores and DC’s. When...
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    Solved Harvey Weinstein, rapist

    are you okay
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    Solved Harvey Weinstein, rapist

    U wot
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    Ex docker's explosive claims of drug culture at freo

    Whilst we are in here, what’s the go with Hogan?
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    Your death row meal

    KFC and LSD
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    TV Australian Survivor - All Stars

    Team Shonee :moustache:
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    TV Australian Survivor - All Stars

    if you must know there’s a spoiler a few pages ago and you can also find the answer available on reddit
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    TV Australian Survivor - All Stars

    good summary, agree. Very entertaining man regardless

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