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    Up the Arse! Goons Thread

    Topsy-turvy game.
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    Football Manager 2021

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    Football Manager 2021

    Savio from Atletico Mineiro.
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    Line of Duty

    Me too, he's great. No bullshit kinda guy.
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    Society & Culture Things in life you just don't understand - Part 4

    Meathead sport.
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    EPL Matchday 10

    Owen is a very good pundit IMO.
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    Ah, probably not in a position to do that now with the land settling and construction due to begin in next 6-8 weeks. For a period we were a few grand ahead on our repayments but we moved some money around for the build etc. We have a joint account (for groceries, direct debits etc), an...
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    Games FPL Season 2020/21

    I went Zaha to Jota. Thankfully it worked.
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    The off topic thread 4.0

    Posted about it ages ago (early lockdown days). Messed up.
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    We don't have any children, but we've just settled on our second property (land, to build), so that figure will go down, but we will still be able to bank a fair bit until we settle. Not sure exactly what a line of credit is, but we are very sensible with our savings and make sure we have money.
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    The off topic thread 4.0

    Anybody watch Condor on Stan? Bloody great show.
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    Yeah, we are very sensible. We save $5000 a month, we don't live anywhere near as much as we could/should, but we are all about the longer term goals.
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    Transfer discussion thread

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    Football Manager 2021

    I signed Wijnaldum first season on for 12m, he got something like 10 assists in the league. Was very good.
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    TV Rights (EPL, CL and EL on Optus. League Cup on BeINSports. FA Cup on ESPN)

    Lack of quality, lack of crowds, lack of interest. Should I keep going?