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    The Defence thread

    Could be a coincidence but we don't seem to have a lot of leadership down back, Jetta and Hibberd are well experienced but they don't strike me as onfield strategists

    Strategy Changes against the Swans Rnd4 - Preuss and Stretch for ANB and KK

    Where's Stretch at, injured or unfit? His last game before injury last year was one of his best, we could sure use someone who can run all day

    The Defence thread

    I've been wondering whether the absence of Lewis is a significant factor in our backline rabbleness. No one seems to know where or who they should be on, when, how where. I recall Lewis doing a lot of pointing and yelling in defence last year, maybe without him theyre all at sea, even more so...

    Review Dees v Dank's Drug-Mules: the Good, Bad & Fugly with a bonus salute to Darcy Parish

    Unfortunately we're not even reaching that level, tonight we often had no one anywhere near Essendon players who just drifted into their attacking 50, over and over again. It took three quarters for Goodwin to determine that someone should stay next to McDonald-Tipungwuti at all times

    Review Dees v Poort in the Jack Watts Cup: the Good, Bad & Fugly

    No doubt teams will continue to do what port did to us on the MCG, just spread the ball out to the wings coming out of defensive 50 and easily take it the length of the ground. Very concerning that we appeared to have no defensive mechanisms to at least try and combat this at any point.

    MFC Fans Only The One and Only Jack Watts Thread - All Discussion about JW in here

    He'll play a few decent games and then the port coaching staff will be lauded as visionaries, then he'll drop off again. Reminds me of Howe who played his last 1.5 - 2 years with us in defence and was decent, went forward at the pies, then sent back and has been great ever since. Buckley was...

    Training 2019 preseason discussion

    It's been awhile since our new recruits could be excited about joining a team who were just 11 kicks away from playing in the grand final!

    List Mgmt. 2018 Draft Thread

    Good to see Bugg got picked up by Carlton, wouldn't be surprised if he went straight into their best 22

    List Mgmt. 2018 Trade and Free Agency Discussion

    I'm going to miss Jesse , I was looking forward to seeing him play through his prime years for us, but sounds like he really did want to go home so in that context the deal was the best we could do for ourselves in this moment. Now looking forward to having a solid (dare I say talented?) back...

    Player Watch #1 - Jesse Hogan - traded to Freo - #fistedforever

    I think we should forget about Hogans second half of 2018 because to me it's obvious in retrospect that his foot injury started part way through the season and blew up before he could play out the year. But his first half of the season was excellent, having him and Tmac together from round 1...

    Oppo Camp The Loony Bin - StKilda Recruiting All The Players Edition

    The sliding rule should have been adjusted for sure, protected area should have been clarified to a very specific distance rather than just this seemingly random force field. I'm not entirely against a soft approach on holding the ball because I wouldn't want the player second to the ball to...

    Oppo Camp The Loony Bin - StKilda Recruiting All The Players Edition

    Actually some of these aren't bad at all, some are actually repealing silly ones like hands in the back and holding the ball from the ruck (as discussed above normal HTB rule would just apply now). I would have thought a player could always have kicked across his body after the siren, its...

    List Mgmt. 2018 Trade and Free Agency Discussion

    If we do soften our trade position then I'd also be thinking his foot is a concern, even though it probably turns out totally fine perhaps there would be an element of risk management from both sides of the table

    General MFC Discussion 2.0

    Probably depend on the popularity of the teams playing, I believe the AFL members allocation sold out before it got beyond gold members this year.

    Player Watch #8 - Jake Lever - Ruptured ACL

    it is the same knee

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