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    PC Pc Gaming/building thread

    I assume so. And just looking around and there are definitely heaps of 3080s in stock. Prices are really sh*t though. sataris now's your chance if you don't mind paying $2500-$3000AUD lol. Maybe a little cheaper in Singapore?
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    PC Pc Gaming/building thread

    Not long now until we find out everything about Windows 11.
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    Bigfooty General Metal Thread Mk.VII

    I've never considered Metallica to be anything more than a gateway drug
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    Bigfooty General Metal Thread Mk.VII

    I hope nobody knows Svartidaudi back to front before they hear my new stuff lol
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    PC World of Warcraft - Including Classic

    wew made it to 70. I forgot how ghetto 60% flying was.
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    Multiplat Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Vanilla solider. Bald space marine.
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    2020/21 Melbourne Victory Thread - The Popovic Era Begins In July

    I'd take Geria, Warland and D'Agostino.
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    News E3 - 2021

    We'll include EA Play in this I guess
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    Bigfooty General Metal Thread Mk.VII

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    Multiplat Next Gen TV buying guide and cheat sheet v1.0

    This is probably the only LED I'd consider this year, however the price is in OLED territory and you're losing Dolby Vision compatibility (vs similar priced OLEDs) but still getting VRR at least. There is a 50" version though that might interest some people. It's the QN90A in Australia for...
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    Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon - Western release November 12th

    It's such an awesome game. Still feels like Yakuza but is an absolute pisstake of the JRPG genre.
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    PC Pc Gaming/building thread

    I don't follow mining so I have no idea where it's at. A mate of mine made a tidy profit off etherium last year and moved it to block chain. No idea how he's doing now. Maybe not too well as he hasn't been bragging for a while lol.
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    PC Pc Gaming/building thread

    I did read some other forums just last week where people have said the prices will drop as crypto crashes. I wasn't sure if there was anything to it or if they were just being hopeful. This current situation will definitely end at some point but who knows when. Hopefully sooner rather than...
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    Video Game Music

    I just stumbled across this guy's channel. Heaps of amazing covers of songs from games like Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed and WoW. Some really nice cinematography too. It's like he really went to Mulgore for this one.