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    Who has the best forward line heading into 2019?

    West Coast Richmond Adelaide Collingwood Stephenson reminds me of Dangerfield in his 2nd year Will be a top 5 player in 5 years
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    Who will miss the 8 that played finals in 2018? Who will replace them?

    I think that if everything goes right for them that there is still plenty of talent available and I haven’t yet given up on KH
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    Who will miss the 8 that played finals in 2018? Who will replace them?

    Adelaide to storm back into the 4 North to muscle their way into 8th as part of a massive shitfight that sees Hawks and GWS just miss finals and Cats and Swans just hanging in there with Essendon and Port very close. Demons and Pies to improve
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    Opposition players you like or respect?

    Adelaide Tom Lynch Andrew McLeod Brisbane Berry Daryl White Carlton Simpson Hunter Collingwood Pendlebury Sidebottom Scotty Russell Essendon Fantasia Scott Lucas Fremantle Michael Walters Pav Geelong Harry Taylor Stevie J Gold Coast Jack Martin Jarrod Harbrow GWS Williams...
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    Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.

    I worked (briefly) for Ian Bremnar in the late eighties, he was still hard as teak and would unfailingly, every lunchtime come out and play kick to kick with the boys, several of whom made it their mission to punch him in the back of his head at every appropriate marking contest.
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    Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.

    Around 2003 along with a crew of fellow glaziers I waited at a flash house in Brighton for a boom to lift a large replacement window over a fence into the property. I casually walked into the living area to look at an original Jeffery Smart painting and while admiring his work heard someone say...
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    Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.

    At work I had a meeting with a Visy rep It was Jezza! He was shorter than I imagined he might be. I gushed to him that he was my hero when I was a kid (true) he rolled his eyes as if to say that this was a common occurrence for him and then proceeded to spruik Visy recyclable solutions.
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    Most Boring VFL/AFL Player Encounters/Sightings.

    Entertaining thread! Realised that I have a few.... I was introduced to Justin Madden by a mutual friend at a party when we we were both teenagers I said something lame to him like ‘Oh, You’re that famous cricketer’ He laughed appropriately, sipped his beer (it was summer) and turned away.
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    Prediction 2019 guernsey numbers

    Bailey Williams 6 ad Aaron Naughton 15 deserve upgrades The recruits can earn Low numbers
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    2019 predictions

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    Bulldogs giving away free tickets

    I can understand that you probably know quite a bit about lousy crowd attendance but I’m happy to take a bet on more than 18k. Cancel BF account?
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    AFL Round 12: Port Adelaide v Richmond Friday 7:20pm ACST @ AO

    Sure it’s been said before Shane Edwards is a gun!
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