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    Autopsy Rd5 Roast & Toast vs St Kilda & Changes for Melbourne Rd6

    The boys having a laugh at the free towel Dusty got from North Melbourne when they were trying to close the deal.....
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    Game Day Round 3 2021: Richmond vs Sydney MCG 1:45pm

    Watching this, the Bulldogs and Port are also going to smash us. Going to be a few tough weeks coming up.
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    Game Day Round 3 2021: Richmond vs Sydney MCG 1:45pm

    When we play badly, we play REALLY badly. Not a winner across the ground. Absolute garbage. 10+ goal flogging coming our way here.
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    Preview 2021 Rd 2….Hawthorn v Richmond, 1.10pm Sunday, March 28. MCG. The Inverse Allan Jeans…..

    I'll be watching our contested ball and pressure rating stats on Sunday. Games seem very open at the moment with lots of run and carry. We might beat the Hawks with skill, but I'm a bit worried about rule changes (particularly 75 interchange cap) leading to more space, bringing our...
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    Preview 2021 Round 1 - Richmond v Carlton, 7.25pm Thurs 18th March

    Woohoo: ticket secured! Couldn't care less about the seat. I'm there.
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    Preview 2021 Round 1 - Richmond v Carlton, 7.25pm Thurs 18th March

    My favourite Eddie Betts moment:
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    Game Day 2021 preseason game 1 Richmond vs Colonwood, 7:25pm Friday 5/3, Marvel Stadium

    Some of the guys looked very fit. Dusty is back to 2017 fitness, Broady has a completely different body shape, Macca is just skin, muscle and bone. Even Caddy looks like he’s finally learned how to run. If we can get through the early rounds without soft tissue injuries then it’s been amazing...
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    The off-season is nearly over - which club do you still hate the most?

    Nothing but love in my heart for all clubs. For example, I love watching Richmond smash Carlton in round 1 every year. I also love watching Collingwood lose Grand Finals.
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    Opinion Team Selection: Best 22 for 2021

    You can't find room for Daniel '3-time premiership player, goal of the year-kicker, slayer of GWS' Rioli in your best 22?
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    Our 2021 Season preview by Monday Experts.

    Very excited about this season. I reckon this one would mean more than any of them. To get the threepeat, to become the benchmark for a modern dynasty, to do it all back at the MCG on grand final day, to win every Grand Final we play in.... it sends shivers up my spine just thinking about it. I...
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    Opinion Team Selection: Best 22 for 2021

    I like Stack, but like every other player on our list he will be judged by what he delivers on the field. His 2020 was very poor compared to his 2019. If he has a poor 2021 (for whatever reasons) then I expect he will be traded or delisted. If Shai Bolton continues to improve at the same rate...
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    Training Preseason 2021

    Breakout year in 2021? Has been a bit disappointing for a top 3 pick (in an admittedly weak draft year).
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    Player Watch #38: Noah Balta

    Get the Richmond team board. Take one permanent marker. Write the name Noah Balta at full back. Get a new team board after 10 years and put his name on a magnet instead.
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    Player Watch #3: Dion Prestia

    I just wanted to be the first to suggest Jack Ross should come in to the side as a replacement for Dion.
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    News Jordan Galluci invited to train with Richmond.

    Richmond is in the priveleged position of being able to recruit players who bring a single elite capability to the table. They can be slotted into the team to solve a problem. If Galluci still has elite speed, then he can play a role at Richmond (small forward). He's competing with guys like...