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    Competitions dude316, where's my Lock Game?

    Arrowman - Richmond Concusion test - Richmond skam85 - Richmond SugarShane - Richmond Thetrader15 - WCE Dude316 - Adelaide Scorpus - Adelaide Coopers - Adelaide Dogs105 - Adelaide Donkey Magoo - West Coast AFC979810 - Essendon BrissyCrow - Port Adelaide Dean1 - St Kilda Dirty Bird -...
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    2020 Non-Crows AFL Discussion

    It just got me thinking if the injury is osteitis pubis and whether the Kangaroos invented another name for it so it doesn't sound as serious. Like we did with our hamstring awareness under Burton.
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    2020 Non-Crows AFL Discussion

    The Kangaroos have a player with a "pubic overload issue". Is Burton working for them now?
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    Unofficial Preview Under 23's Adelaide vs Port Thebarton Oval, Saturday February 29, 11.50am, AFC Media live stream available

    I hope those are arrows and not greater than signs.;)
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    Game Day Rnd 3 Geelong v Adelaide @ Kardinia Park - Sun 23rd Feb 5.10pm AEDT

    That must be why time in the forward half is 62% to 38%.:p
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    Port Adelaide Have Printed The Wrong Date On Their New Beanies

    Port getting ahead of themselves. Again.
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    New AFC Headquarters at the Aquatic Centre!!

    If the proposal is mutually beneficial for the club and the community isn't that sufficient? I don't believe there's anything Machiavellian going on behind the scenes here.
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    Training 2020 Pre Season Training

    It's just bad luck that our culture of self-preservation has developed selfish players.
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    Matthew Nicks Adelaide's new coach

    I would've used stupor instead of slumber.
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    Preview 2020 Trial game vs Fremantle @ Mandurah, 4pm AWST/6:30pm ACDT Saturday 25 January

    Preseason games have been costly for us these last couple of years.
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    News Our new Football Ops Manager - welcome Adam Kelly!

    culture = customs customs = traditions traditions and losing = Port
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    Training 2020 Pre Season Training

    Your post sounds like the set up for a joke.:D
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    Certified Legendary Thread Brett Burton has been sacked

    As much as one can tell looking in from the outside, he didn't look like he had the people skills to bring out the best in others. I'd assume this would be a key requirement of the role, and at first glance, something Adam Kelly seems better equipped for.
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    Training 2020 Pre Season Training

    Our senior coach and head of football are setting the right example. No distractions for them.

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