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    Macarthur FC Thread

    billyboutsis General Giant take this South Melbourne discussion to the General Chat Thread, I've already moved the posts.
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    A-League Round 11 - The Real Melbourne Derby!

    Whats gong on with him? He's kind turned into a sh*t bloke he's better than that should just let his football do the talking.
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    A-League Round 11 - The Real Melbourne Derby!

    Three wins in a row to Adelaide! Got their season back on track!
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    2020/21 W-League Thread

    Another win! The Victory Girls are going alright atm!
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    2020/21 Melbourne Victory - Dead Last Again

    If you are interested in buying a few Melbourne Victory shares Richard Wilsons share are now on sale
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    The Western United Thread

    Elmer_Judd Quivorir from the horses mouth! makes me feel so bloody :mad::mad:
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 AAMI Community Series - Carlton v Saints Thurs March 4th (STK 125 d CAR 99) Highlights in OP

    Does the interchange cap apply to these preseason games?
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    2020/21 W-League Thread

    W-League Round 11 Thursday 4th March Melbourne Victory V Western Sydney Wanderers, AAMI Park, 7:05pm ESDT Saturday 6th March Adelaide United V Sydney FC, Marden Sports Complex, 7:05pm ESDT 6:35pm CDST Sunday 7th March Canberra United V Brisbane Roar, Vikings Park, 4:05pm ESDT 3:05pm EST...
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    A-League Round 11 - The Real Melbourne Derby!

    A-League Round 11 and we finally have the first 'real' Melbourne Derby none of this 'battle of the bridge' Malaki this is it! Victory V City! We have that other great Derby 'The Distance' Derby between Wellington V Perth although this season it's Perth in Wollongong so does it count as a...
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    Socceroos (Graham Arnold and) The Socceroos Thread

    All Socceroos World Cup qualifiers have been postponed till June when the matches will be played at a central hub location. Socceroos trip to Nepal off Foxsports The Socceroos’ March 30 World Cup qualifier against Nepal in Kathmandu has been postponed. Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on...
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    Guitar Players

    Yeah his 'What Makes This Song Great' segments are the best part of his channel. It's so cool how he breaks the songs down. I wish at times he could pan the camera around toward the computer so we could see what software he is using and how he does it.
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    The new man on the mark rule is utterly ridiculous.

    Wait.. Can the player on the mark jump with his hands up to smother the ball at all? e.g.. when a player is on the mark when someone is lining up for goal insider 50m allowed to jump to smother? or does he just has to stand their? Pretty stupid if no.. makes the whole process redundant.
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    Society/Culture Has cancel culture gone too far?

    Bill Maher on how cancel culture is getting to out of hand in America.
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    A-League Round 10 - Battle Of The Bridge Part II

    How about Gollac suddenly thought he was an AFL player and tried to take a Mark lol
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    A-League Round 10 - Battle Of The Bridge Part II

    Sydney in strife down to 10 men and 1-0 down!