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    No Opposition Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 3

    I came here to say is it too early for a rousing #lol Norf?
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    Luke bevidge will discombobulated the swans

    The Swans have always been our Biatches
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    Competitions Ching Rd 1: Pups 82 d Swannies 65

    5. Naughton 4. Libba 3. Lloyd 2. Bont 1. Daniel 3. Naughton 2 Richards 1. Schache
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    Review Rd 1, 2019: Win vs Sydney - autopsy. 82-65

    22 bullgods on the podium at the MCG getting rained on by ticker tape
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    News Flash - Bont wins 2016 Brownlow Medal

    The same proof readers that went over Robbo's article about Libba playing for the Cats did this one too
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    Round 1 Vs Sydney GAMEDAY

    I'm with you in spirit Chicago...I was all set to go and the dearly beloved has come down with the flu. In sickness and in health never took into account Round 1
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    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 2 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting)

    I's like Brisbane, they will also climb this year as they have been drumming games into the kids. StKilda on the other hand....paying a big contract to Hanners who apparently needs to be "rebuilt" (Note Tom Boyd wasn't "broken" when we got him)
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    No Opposition Supporters Non Bulldog Footy Talk - Bulldogs only - Part 3

    So what is everyone's diagnosis on Rance? Will hurt the Tiges even if it is a PCL or Medial
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    Competitions Ultimate Footy II

    The site recommends prior to first game Saturday. It's nice to be able to at least loophole a couple from the Friday game
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    Competitions The Pieman Round 1 RESULTS

    McLean thanks DW
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    Round 1 v Swans, first goal, margin, crowd

    Dogs by 8 35169 Schache Headline: Astro-Naught-on. Sky is the limit as Dogs merge Swans into outer space Cup: Lloyd v Lloyd in the absence of Toyd Banner: See my entry in the banner thread
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    The Weekly Banner Thread

    It's been a few years, And plenty of beers, Yet Sydney are still salty About the time Boyd kicked a goal that really shook the Bolte It's about the Final and all the frees. Especially the one below the knees But all we care about are these banners And having to wait til the Saints game To hang...
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    Round 1 Vs Sydney GAMEDAY

    Read all posts before posting another...rule 1
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    Round 1 Vs Sydney GAMEDAY

    The goals will kick themselves
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