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    Scott Morrison - How Long?

    At least that would be entertaining.
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    Rolling Ashes Squad Thread

    Warner needs the hard ball at the start of an innings. He might get a second new ball at six, more likely he will get a 40 over old ball and come in at 4/90 when his breed of batting isn't going to be the most reliable option. He either opens or doesn't play.
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    ICC Chairman - "Test cricket is dying"

    Yeah, no problem with this. Numbers work pretty well in the Shield. Names probably won't do much for those at the ground, but unlike some sports should work for TV.
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    2019 Ladder Predictions

    Richmond West Coast Adelaide Collingwood Essendon Melbourne Greater Western Sydney <-- down to here, realistic top four chances Geelong Hawthorn Sydney Port Adelaide <-- down to here, realistic top eight chances Western Bulldogs North Melbourne Fremantle Brisbane St Kilda <-- up to here...
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    Round 1 Tips and Crowd Expectations

    Carlton v Richmond, MCG, 68pts, 74k Collingwood v Geelong, MCG, 17pts, 69k Melbourne v Port Adelaide, MCG, 28pts, 33k Adelaide v Hawthorn, Adelaide Oval, 38pts, 51k Western Bulldogs v Sydney, Docklands, 18pts, 29k Brisbane v West Coast, Gabba, 39pts, 14k St Kilda v Gold Coast, Docklands, 36pts...
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    Which AFL team is the most hated by us the fans??

    Nobody hates the AFLX teams? Understandable, I ignore them rather than hate them too.
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    The new 50 meter penalty requirements are bad.

    Pretty much. That was why the 15 became 50 in the first place though. 15m often really wasn't much of a penalty and it was worth holding up play to allow defence to set up. Fifty metres is entirely different, it would be very rare that its worth giving up that much territory even with modern...
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    Communist Undertones in our flawed voting system.

    We have one of the better voting systems, not without its flaws. And its good to question the system, better still to put forward fixes or alternatives to any problems. But the "communism" part is like Bronwyn Bishop calling everything except parliamentary pensions "socialist".
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    ICC Chairman - "Test cricket is dying"

    Not a fan of it, but if the timer is the only fix then I can live with it. 30 overs a session, rather than 90 a day, would be a starting point. Whatever is brought in, trial it first in tour games, "A" team games, and other non-competition games. As for no-balls, just get the umpires to bloody...
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    NBN - Good or Bad

    this does not surprise one iota. I switched from TPG to iiNet years ago, partly because TPG had such diabolical service. At least once I raised the issues with iiNet they sent guys around to analyse the faults. It still took four visits and the ombudsman before Telstra fixed one of the two line...
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    Rolling Ashes Squad Thread

    One innings, especially when 17 wickets fell for **** all, changes nothing really. But I already had him as requiring a huge county start to even be an outside consideration. In his favour, its a very late Ashes start so he has a good portion of the county year to play before a squad has to be...
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    Predict the results of the 2019 Federal Election

    Inheritance is surely the very definition of unearned income. Perhaps more as a capital gain than an income, but surely unearned income is the first that should be taxed, and taxes have to exist unless we find a better system of governance.
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    General Political Chat

    She survived though. They shot the PM but they did not shoot the deputy.
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    Predict the results of the 2019 Federal Election

    Would anyone tune in, beyond the few that already watch ABCNews24 or SkyNews anyway? Our elections don't draw the same star-power as a presidential campaign. The commercial FTA networks certainly wouldn't cut into programming for them. The 6:00 news, without criticism, is still more important to...
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    No runners allowed during gametime

    That's been my preference for years. We have trainers all round the ground, who come on after goals, etc. Give them a headset each and they can deliver messages at that point - so long as they are off the ground before play resumes (except when treating injury). Yes, their job right now isn't...
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