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    Leagues 2021 BFA league Sign-up and Discussion

    I'm interested in joining if there are still spots.
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    Round 1 Scores

    330/4 Gibbs Raines Garlett Houlihan
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    I traded him. A lot of money invested for a potential zero.
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    Round 1 trades

    Raines for Dempsey.
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    Round 1 Scores

    554/6 Judd Deledio Gibbs Houlihan Raines Newman with Jacobs on the bench.
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    Raines Knee

    Having scans this morning and we wont know anymore till then.
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    2009 Supercoach Discussion Thread

    Most likely wonst find out till they run out on the ground.
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    Free Beer.!!!!

    I'm in!
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    BF Saints Div 3 Supercoach

    Confirming my spot.
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    BF Saints Div 3 Dream Team

    I'd like to be in Div 3 please. Team name: Wild Brumby's FC
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    Collingwood $15 Value Flag Chance???

    I've loaded up on Collingwood this year. I think $15 is overs for that side. I have them rated as a $7-$8 chance with Geelong and Hawthorn rating above them. Doggies are unders and the Saints are about right.. Richmond will be fighting to make the 8 with the rest of the rabble. Might finish...
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    Getting our DT and SC leagues organised

    I'm new to both Big Footy and Fantasy Football but I'm keen to join the Saints comp. It's my first year so this year will be more of a learning curve. I'm only registered at SC as: Wild Brumby's If you're still taking participants I'd love to join. Done