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    News New Jumpers for 2021

    Ah thank you! Couldn't think of the word. I absolutely hate them, no idea why, but I wish they'd stop doing them
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    News New Jumpers for 2021

    What do you guys call it when a guernsey has lots of little translucent logos all over it? And was that a fad or is it still occuring?
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    Game Day Game Day Round 13 2020 - Richmond vs Essendon, TIO Stadium, 7.45pm

    How many have we won in a row against them??
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    Game Day Round 11 2020 - Richmond vs Port Adelaide, Adelaide Oval 4.35pm 8th August

    Anyone else watching on mute?
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    Rance Retirement

    Feel like I took rancey for granted. Id do anything to just watch him one more time
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    Official Jerseys Thread Part 2 (Where Jack is King)

    Anyone know where to get jerseys of current players that are a bit obscure? Only finding American websites with huge shipping costs
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    Game Day Richmond v Williamstown GRAND FINAL Sunday 22/9 @ Ikon Park

    Since qtr time. Free kicks 7-19... plus 2 50's
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    Game Day Richmond v Williamstown GRAND FINAL Sunday 22/9 @ Ikon Park

    I read in the age that stack has been withdrawn
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    Resource 2019 FINALS TICKET THREAD **MCG Sold Out! PRO live site on sale Wed morning**

    Mine was in junk :drunk:
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    Player Watch #41: Mabior Chol [ROOKIE]

    I still don't get the name two phones, anyone help me? 😮
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    Walters is what I see Bolton becoming
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    Autopsy Roast & toast vs Adelaide and changes for the bye (or St Kilda)

    Damn. We were one David Astbury away from winning that
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    Player Watch #42: Ryan Garthwaite

    Wasn't that the game we won, deledio kicking two clutch goals in the last Q?