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    Are we in strife?

    It did, but it got changed fairly quickly....... Before that it was:
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    Play Nice Random Chat Thread: Episode IV

    I was in Jeff's Shed when all the mining protests were on, just on a shift change. About 30 police, in all their gear, snaked through the minimal crowd inside in single file. The tazers they ALL carried sit a tiny bit loose in the hard plastic their holsters on theirs hips and 'clunk' with...
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    Only outdoing my usual gripe of the Bulldogs following everything we do is my other gripe about the NRL attempting to copy everything the AFL does. Adding in this bright idea........ a three-grand-final-series......... which AFL people have already been considering for awhile now...
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    I don't think she does the Arrow on the Wednesday version, but no doubt she won't be able to help herself since people have been hitting back.
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    Are we in strife?

    And then wait a month and watch the Doggies do whatever we do and then claim it as their own idea.........
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    I was always staggered that Rohan Connelly missed out on the Chief Football Writer's job there when Fatprick left for The Australian. Still to this day can't work out why you'd give that spot to someone who doesn't actually write about the game on the field.
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    Way back in the mid-90's when the 'big-fat-cable' TV began here we had the 'SportsAFL' channel on OptusVision and he was clearly a closest North supporter even then on the talk shows. I think he loved the way we went about it and was always hoping for a North vs Ess Grand Final.
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    Rode the committee-room coat tails of her old man who drunkenly disgraced himself when Keith Grieg won his Brownlow over Barlett. Brainwashed with North hatred from a child and will never get over it.
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    2020 NMFC Membership thread

    Haven't got my membership yet. I usually get a home&away package, and attend as many as I can. But if we get all four Tassie games as 'replacement' home games, there is only one game difference between a home package and a home&away. Am I reading that right? To be honest I don't think I can...
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    Good Friday 2020 - North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

    Everyone knows that Sheedy invented everything to do with football.......... jeez........
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    Prediction North’s 2020 Fixture

    Exactly my argument with interstate supporters here at work. They have a whinge and are shocked when I point out that THEY get to play at the 'G more often than we do most seasons.
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    1983 team

    And the Knights' mark that gets replayed in front of goal in the last 1/4 was, is, and always will be in the back.
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    Certified Legendary Thread Sympathy for *essendon II - MT on drug charges - *Ess loses to CFC - RIP The Scales & Dugdale2Dwyer

    For the uninitiated........ What's a "Community Corrections Order".......??
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    Opinion Commentary & Media III

    Because they both joined at the same time my daughter has somehow merged them into one player - Pollard - which covers both of them no matter who gets the ball. She did a similar thing a few seasons ago with Turner and Garner - Gurner.
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    Opinion Commentary & Media III

    Sounds good, but would Shaw stay if he doesn't get the main gig?

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