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    Fraser Anning watch

    Anning somes up the problem with Australian Politics; there are more wankers in parliament than people with liberal values.
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    Society/Culture Christchurch Mosque mass shooting

    Bit harsh, at least she is not destroying her countries social fabric.
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    Society/Culture Christchurch Mosque mass shooting

    The only positive to come out of this tragedy is that NZ have a truly humanitarian and class act of a Prime Minister. Would love to have her run this Country.
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    Ladder conference farce

    Any word on match times for next week?
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    Society/Culture Australian Property Prices to Crash?

    Interests rates were approx. 15% during the 80's and the average wage around $400 per week. Not everyone could even buy a house for $80k - in Adelaide suburbia. Main issue today is that we spend more in entertainment and luxuries than necessary, specifically living within our means.
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    Carlton and Melbourne - who has the greater supporter base

    I think the Dees will have more members in 2019 but there are many more Blues fans than Dees. Would probably to have to biggest Vic following in Adelaide, after Hawthorn.
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    Society/Culture Political Correctness is the Scourge

    And yet I saw with my own eyes and bloke pratically verbally harassing another male bartender at a Eastern Suburbs establishment and nothing happens. No casting stereotypes but seriously, Adelaide can really piss me off sometimes.
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    Society/Culture Annabel Crabb

    Sadly she reflects the current status of Australian TV. She is a imbosile.
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    twilight grand final is coming boyos

    Footy is better when the sherrin is red. Leave it alone.
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    I think Joe Rogan makes some interesting points particularly changing male to female.
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    Who would you rate as the weakest minor premier of the last 20 years?

    Bit harsh on Freo. Port 2003 were a bigger disappointment.
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    Round 1 2019 Predictions ( and Bold Predictions )

    Bulldogs will be top of the ladder after Round 1
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    Will Hawthorn make the 8?

    9th would be nice.
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    Analysis Best & Worst Top 10 Draft Picks Per Draft Number

    Clayton Oliver GOAT No 4 selection. Cale Morton & Jimmy Toumpas the worst.
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    Society/Culture Gaming culture and the future

    Chiropractors will be laughing with the amount of RSI issues that are continually appearing. But if you can make a living out of it fair play, at least there not gambling.
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