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  • Thanks for the positive feedback, appreciated.
    Gotta say, I picked KFC a few posts ago --- bully, is right. Tries to, anyway. Plays the man, not the ball, which technique doesn't win games of AFL footy, or intelligent arguments.
    Enjoyed your thoughts in general and also re: Crows hamstring injuries. Gotta be something wrong there.
    Thought I'd "follow" and see what else you're saying.
    Who do you work for in SA, seriously not having a crack at you. I work in WA now but our company is national. Don't need to tell me the name of your company if you want to remain unknown on here (noting I am doing the same), but interested in sector.
    Noticed it was yr birthday today, Happy Birthday!
    I love yr 60% Crows, 10% drinking and 30% sleeping. My sleeping percentage would be a little bit higher.
    Anyway enjoy yr birthday, 'cause I reckon the next one sucks!
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