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    Preview Changes & prematch discussion vs St Kilda

    Long shot I know. Any BF brethren in Hoi An in Vietnam? Games on at 10am tomorrow here. I’d be up for a couple.
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    Player Watch #3: Jed Anderson

    Agreed. We just look a better tram We just look a better team when he’s going - as he is now with a few games under his belt. Came back underdone - but the team needed him to. If we were a better team, he’d have had more time in the 2’s, that’s not his fault. Does a lot without the ball...
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    Review 2022 Mid Season Rookie Draft

    Rather have pick one, have the choice and get our first preference. Weird I know.
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    Review 2022 Mid Season Rookie Draft

    Is there footage of him anywhere?
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    Player Watch #9: Luke Davies-Uniacke - signs two year contract extension until end 2023

    This I reckon. Because his ceiling is higher than most, he may well be held to a higher standard. Fair enough. He’s had some good games. But is not consistent, has too many skill errors and doesn’t kick goals. Has things to work on. But is getting there.
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    Player Watch #12: Jy Simpkin - 2021 Syd Barker Medalist - extends contract until end of 2024 - 100 games vs Dogs

    Any reports on how he’s tracking after the late withdrawal? Jy, JHF, Greenwood and Cunners collectively puts a big hole in our contested ball capabilities if all of those are out.
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    List Mgmt. Glenn Luff - Has resigned as list manager

    Met Luffs son the other day. His first name is Bumf.
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    Past #5: Ben Jacobs - delisted after 64 NM games/10 NM goals - thanks Benny

    The perfect type of player we need in our midfield now. Defensive, but skillful and a great leader. Perfect age bracket. Such a missed opportunity.
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    Player Watch #21: Callum Coleman-Jones - Welcome to North, CCJ! [NM trade RTarrant, 2022 R2, 2021 #40 for CCJ & 2021 #42 & #47]

    For a 22 yo ruck man, I thought he played really well. Can’t think of too many better aside from Jackson (surrounded by quality helps too) for their age? Our surge in the 2nd q was all clearance domination. When he faded in the 2nd half so did we. As did our defensive structure which killed...
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    MVP Rd6 - votes vs Geelong

    I was at the game. The weather, the company and the ground get votes. Great day - shite game.
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    Player Watch #35: Charlie Lazzaro - contract extension until end of 2024

    Did you say anything remotely like this when he was signed last year or are you only a genius in hindsight?
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    Coach NMFC Senior Coach - David Noble

    Well said. I agree. Back Noble in. The challenges the club face are as numerous as they are significant. Moving on the coach at this stage won’t fix them, it will only make things worse. He’s only really begun his tenure and put in some early hard yards. Give him some time to shape things his...
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    List Mgmt. 2022 Trade & List Management Thread

    Hugh Greenwood = experienced leadership.
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    List Mgmt. 2022 Trade & List Management Thread

    I’m at Nth Hobart v Lauderdale. Any players to keep an eye out for?