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    2020 Memberships Released

    Cheers for that. I think I’ll cancel it
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    2020 Memberships Released

    I’ve been a Silver AFL Member for 7 years. I contacted the AFL a couple of weeks ago and was told the wait is still 5-7 years I’ve just purchased a reserve seat membership for next year and was intending on cancelling the AFL Membership... what’s the absentee membership you have?
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    No Opposition Supporters Opposition posters say the strangest things - Carlton posters ONLY

    Drunk thy👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
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    Opinion The 'Carlton related stuff that doesn't need it's own thread' thread

    I did feel sorry for her that day 😔
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    Game Day Around The Grounds - Week 1 - Elimination & Qualifying Finals 2019

    So obvious as well! Ling defending Merretts hair pulling was a joke... * should sell the farm for a hard inside mid like Wines... Langford and Co are not the answer
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    Game Day Around The Grounds - Week 1 - Elimination & Qualifying Finals 2019

    Langford is a spud
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    Contracted Lachie Whitfield [re-signed for 7 more years]

    Where there is a Gil, there’s a way!
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    Carlton in the Media (articles, podcasts etc) - Part 3

    Stevens reporting “100% Daisy won’t be at Carlton next year” Wow, thought he done enough to get 1 more year
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    News Swans Talk in the Media 2019

    Absolutely amazing story! He’s a great young man that will do some big things in footy!
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    Rnd 20 - Carlton V West Coast - Sunday 4th August 3:20 Marvel Stadium - Final Team Post #625

    100th will hopefully be against the Tigers the following week!
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    Opinion Brendon Bolton

    All going well mate. Hope all is well on your end.. Feeling sick and sorry for the club.. The list has potential and has shown glimpses of what could be in years to come. Unfortunately for Bolts, it just hasn’t worked.
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    Opinion Brendon Bolton

    I’ve seen him at club functions go out of his way for supporters and past players.. MLG isn’t the head that needs to roll
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    Carlton in the Media (articles, podcasts etc) - Part 3

    Spot on. Appreciate and understand we do not help ourselves with results that we are dishing up, but the facts are facts, and the side we are fielding is simply a bunch of kids vs men. Whether it will be Bolts (I hope we stick with him) or another coach, the fact is we need to get games into...
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    Review Pies cause a blackout! (Pies 108-69 Port)

    I hear ya mate.. that was heart breaking! No one deserves that what that family is going through. It’s bigger than football. Well done Collingwood.

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