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    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VII

    I also like Mott, natural footballer/ball winner.
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    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VII

    Kicking looks ordinary. What about Ben Sokol?
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    Player Watch #46: Mitchell Hibberd - In the team against the Pies!

    The sooner Langford is not playing midfield the better. And you need more than 4 midfielders, not sure what the carry on is there...
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    Opinion Season 2020 - Pessimistic or optimistic?

    Always optimistic, not sure what the point of going into a season pessimistic is. New year, new team, new coaching staff, anything can happen.
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    Player Watch #20: Jacob Townsend

    Will play Rd1 next year.
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    Review 2019 Leadership Group - Changes for next year?

    You’re way off, champ. You also chose Devon Smith as your VC citing Merrett as injury prone.
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    Draft Watcher Knightmare's 2019 Draft Almanac

    Daniel Mott? Thought he’d thrive on an AFL list.
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    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VII

    Have heard that Daniel Mott is training down at The Hangar. Would be a handy SSP pick IMO.
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    Player Watch #20: Jacob Townsend

    This bloke will play round 1.
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    List Mgmt. Adrian Dodoro

    Dodoro is good mates with SOS. Operation get SOS?
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    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VII

    When is Townsend signing?
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    Analysis Who is the best tackler at the Bombers?

    Devon Smith
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    List Mgmt. Adrian Dodoro

    I think I saw him driving around Brunswick yesterday, does he drive a BMW..?
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    Prediction Who gets picked up as a Delisted Free Agent?

    Jacob Townsend, how was his season in the VFL this year?
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    Delisted #28: Mitch Brown - Joins Melbourne as a rookie during the supplemental selection period - 3/12

    Have a feeling Hooker might play forward next year. Hurley to team up with Francis, Ambrose, BZT and Hartley to form the key back brigade.

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