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    Official Match Thread Season 27 Round 2: Las Vegas Bears vs Baghdad Bombers at The Stadium in the Sky

    Leave your cleaner out of this, she's delightful company and deserves better from you.
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    Podcast Sweet F.A. Season 27 Podcast

    Pffft, I can video chat with a Kardashian for less.
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    Podcast Sweet F.A. Season 27 Podcast

    JoshWoodenSpoon I'm keen for a private one on one podcast with you.
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    Media Press Conference: Live From Sweet FA HQ (Administrator Applications Open)

    I think we all know by now I'm all talk and no substance. Plus I can't be Batman and SFA Admin, my wife sees me little enough as it is.
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    M.J's Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors

    Jordan trash talking Durant would be epic, not enough burner phones in the world to save him.
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