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  • HAHA, I was on the BigPond deal too until I saw TPG.

    There's a few others offering alright deals for 100+GB's a month. Optus and AAPT I believe offer a few deals of similar ilk. So if TPG don't offer it, maybe give them a try.
    Hmm, I dunno it's a tough one. Realistically if you were only going to be spending shortish amounts of time in multiplayer (and weren't using that 2GB for internet browsing usage) you could get in a good amount of time. The problem then comes though when patches come out that can sometimes run upwards of 400-500MB and you have to download them in order to play.

    It all depends on how much you are willing to pay really. I really recommend trying TPG, I use them and they are absolutely brilliant. They offer 180GB for $50 a month with download and upload usage counted or 120GB for $50 with just download's counted.

    IF you can spare it and IF you can get it TPG are the way to go. Otherwise if it was between 2GB and 12GB and you do have to spare internet browsing time with that, go the 12GB.
    As long as you have an internet connection that should be all you need (or are you talking getting the net actually connected? Because then you might have to have a phone line and you connect a line splitter to connect your modem to the phone without breaking up the line).

    You can get a wi-fi connection with the PS3. All you need to do is going to the Network Settings and set your connection up via wireless (enter the password for your wireless (if it has one). Although it is recommended to have a wired connection, simply because it's a lot more stable of a connection.

    The headsets won't interfere as long as they are synced to their own separate PS3's. You set them up in the Audio settings area.
    Yeah, you most likely will. It'll be a pain in the arse, but that's what you'll have to do I'd guess.
    Fancy getting reamed by Norf! Say hello to back-to-back missed finals! Premiership hangover, hangover.. further evidence that Whorethorn are the true Bradbury Premiers!
    Well ****horn got rolled by a team that gone done by Freo so that must make the s**t and piss an even worse team.. top four team my arse. More like a one hit wonder, steven bradbury-esk team. Can't even beat the mighty cattas or the lowly dogs.

    haha fairweather supporter. :D
    Wow, 96%!:eek: I've done about 3% :D.

    It's good though, I just find it hard to pick it up amongst all my other games.

    FFXIII will be a miss for me though, I'm not a FF fan TBH.

    In the mould of Fallout 3's and Oblivion, have you got Dragon Age: Origins?
    Yeah I can see how it would. Guess the closest would be Fallout 3 (if you haven't played that) another game I just remembered got a trophy patch.
    I just picked up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion GOTY Edition at EB Games in their pre-order sale.

    Unfortunately, there is no trophy patch.:(

    There are only a few games that were patched for trophies after release. Super Stardust HD was the very first, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was the first retail release, GTA IV got one, FIFA 09 did, and there might be a few others that I'm missing. But not many ended up getting a trophy patch, basically why Sony decided to make trophies mandatory from 2009 onwards.
    Yeah you need to d/l the patch for them.

    Drake's Fortune's is about 15MB and GTA IV's will be a few hundred as there are quite a few different patches, one of which includes the trophy patch.
    The problem is I haven't got vet status either and I was told by Chief that it is 5 years until you get the green veteran badge. You might be better off asking Chief. I have to wait until the 24th of October until I get it.
    LOL you have only been a member for 3 years. You need to be a member for 5 years before you get the veteran status.
    hah! you are ghayer than Elton John's Filipino toy boy! My sig is da bomb! Melbourne you say? well this is untrue but I for a fact know that you went for the Brisbane Bears before jumping off that sinking ship on to a marginally better team! noooob!!!11!!!!!!! lolololololol
    Ah my main man, how is things?

    I have thrown my garbology degree into the bin (Lame I know :D ) and am off to the army. I am also disappointed to find yet again we play the reigning premier in the first round of the NAB cup, and not only is it you lot, it is also in Tassie :( .
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