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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    Melbourne is apparently going to live stream the match against us
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    So Eddie McGuire says a Stars BBL title would mean as much to him as a Collingwood flag

    Not entirely sure why I should be feeling disrespected.
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    VFL 2019 VFL Fixture Here are our practice matches
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    AFLW 2019 R3 - Nth Melbourne v Western Bulldogs

    At least then you would have had to put forward fair trades for the players you wanted to poach, then the clubs having their lists gutted would have had more than just one measly compensation pick
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    Dreams, Premonitions and other omens

    Funnily enough I had a dream earlier this week that we were playing Carlton in the prelim and we were absolutely smashing them. It was a very enjoyable dream.
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    Its sickening. At least the other flogs like Stevo at least try to sound grim when reporting our injuries
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    Unofficial Preview AFLW Round 3 - Fremantle v Collingwood - Saturday 16th February 19 Fremantle Oval, 4:15pm (AEST) 7:15PM (ADST)

    If we win this game then it will still be our best ever start to an AFLW season
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    Degoey injured at Training

    You have to go through the membership hotline like a common 3 game GA member? Would have thought a legend of your stature would have had a dedicated number to call.
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    Degoey injured at Training

    I can't stand the footy media's obsession with trying to be first to break the news rather than waiting to report fact
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    Feels like 5 months away
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    I hope everything is alright Pragmatic Shill
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    Pre-Season Training 2018-19

    Some cheery reading for a Friday morning... ****
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    Analysis Collingwood 2019 AGM

    Very good post thanks Saintly. I didn't consider the 10 years of service
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