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  • Your posting is reasonably good without biased on most occasions, coming from a Hawthorn supporter i'm quite surprised. Maybe the rest of your squad can take heed and approach their opinions and views with the same mindset as NetworkNerd. Put it out there for the world to see.:thumbsu:
    Yeah i started a thread saying that Adelaide are the real deal. I have always rated Adelaide. I used to live there. Hawthorn are hot and cold but should still make the 8
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    Oh Please both team sucks Mr Network nerd!!! Your know Carlton rock, just you wait in time i will change your mind!! Adelaide supporters are snobs and so are the poo poo hawthorn supporters. :)
    where your hawks at mate? struggling to get wins crows are rising side and your lot undisciplined posers. we beat sydney after they knocked you off and we did it on their ground
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