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    Autopsy Destiny awaits another season - Magpies lose by 4

    It's losses like this that just kill you. I hate being attached to this club so closely sometimes, makes you just wonder what the hells the point of it all. Maybe one day all this pain will be worth it, I dunno.
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    2019 3rd Ashes Test 22-27 August Headingley

    That decision to burn a review has really come back to cost us.
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    Movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Would've taken it over that crap.
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    Movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    Saw it tonight. Worst Tarantino flick by a country mile, 2 hrs 40 minutes of absolutely nothing.
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    Player Watch Brayden Sier

    Hey mate, just gained clarification today. Was there a year 11/12 break up a couple weeks back and is Braydens brother a part of the team? I was told it was this function/event. I wasn't there but just what ive been told.
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    Player Watch Brayden Sier

    Worded my post poorly, I wasn't there but a bloke at work was and when he told us what he saw we were pretty disappointed. I hope it isn't true also but this bloke doesn't bullshit and is as straight as they come.
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    Player Watch Brayden Sier

    Hate to add fuel to the fire but he was at a Marcellin College function a week and a bit back and was spotted smoking and hitting the cans pretty heavily. No photos or any of that (I wouldn't post them if I had them anyways) but we were all a bit shocked.
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    AFL 2019 - AFL Round 7

    AFL RECORD (14 - 9) +8.79 UNITS TODAY'S PLAYS: GWS -24.5 $1.91 - 1.25 units Jeremy Cameron highest scoring player $2 - 1.5 units Melbourne H2H $2.10 - 2 units Sydney +17.5 $1.91 - 1.2 units Richmond -16.5 $1.91 - 2.5 units West Coast -45.5 $1.91 - 1 unit
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    Analysis Pies by 14 pts over the doggies - Round 4, 2019

    There is no way this midfield can succeed in the long term unless JDG is moved in there permanently. He is wasted up forward without quality ball coming in. And I hate to say it but we are badly missing the contested ball winning ability of Sier.
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    Prediction Changes vs WCE ~ Round 3 2019

    Persist with Aish. His disposal is iffy but did nothing wrong tonight.
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    Pakistan tour of SA

    Pakistan really missed Abbas in this test. This pitch would've been an absolute beauty for him with plenty of seam movement. Already can't wait for the 2nd test. The standard and quality of pitches is how the game should be prepared.
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    Pakistan tour of SA

    Ackerman tonning up also who is just 22.
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    Teams Cleveland Browns - GPODAWUND [sic]

    What's Crow bitching about these days? We're perhaps winning too much now?
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    Player Watch Dayne Beams

    He'll be 29 in February and has a history of missing long amounts of time through injury. His best is great but I just don't like the fit with us at the moment. Adams has gone to another level this year and I don't want to see the growth of Sier stagnate. The timing is all wrong IMO.

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