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  • G'day mate. I've made a collection of all the guernseys for each AFL team including a main strip and a clash strip. I used Paint so the quality ain't the greatest but I put a lot of effort into them. I based the template on yours, some are the same as yours some are different. I've included my Gold Coast and West Sydney designs too, they're all there. Just thought you'd like to see. The link is on my page.
    Just found a few, unfortunately they are of our number 1 draft pick breaking his leg. In any case:

    Hey mate,

    Was just looking over a few posts of yours (I am a big fan of your clash guernseys and opinions of such) and noticed that your design of a Geelong clash guernsey is almost identical to one which was worn by the VFL team the other week against the Collingwood VFL team.

    Can't find a photo of it at the moment but if I do I'll hook you up. Very similar, wish we wore this instead of scratch marks or logo as our clash.
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