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    Game Day Port v Pretend Port @ Port’s Pretend Home Ground- Time to Prove We Are Not Pretenders

    11 goals 13. That wind is a b*tch.
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    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 20

    I think he means they are rich enough to exceed the soft cap by $100k and pay the AFL the $100k penalty.
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    Corona virus, Port and the AFL. Part 3.

    I don't get your anger at the unvaccinated. Surely it is their right to run the risk of contracting the virus and suffering the consequences. If you are vaccinated yourself then they are little risk to you.
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    Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 20

    "Scrapper McHenry" lol
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    Banter Dad Joke Quarantine Thread

    Could have been worse. They could have been adding "ob".
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    Club History 2021 Milestone Games

    I'm nicknaming him pizza.
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    Analysis 1 July 2021 - Celebrating 50 Years, to the Day, of China-Watching from Close Quarters … with nary a goalless one in all that time.

    Forgive my diplomatic ignorance LR but I once read that, among many very complex Sino negotiating issues, the Chinese respect strength in their trading adversaries. Could what is happening politically now between us and them not be seen as another level of "argy bargy" or do you believe the...
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    Player Watch Orazio Fantasia

    We don't have to wonder/speculate though as he currently isn't preventing any of those players from playing the small/medium forward.
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    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    I just think if our coaching position was declared vacant and Hardwick, Clarkson, Neil Craig and Hinkley were the only 4 applicants you'd only be inviting Hardwick and Clarkson to the interview based on their ability to achieve repeated success. And if you weren't choosing between those 2 then...
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    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    Agree. But how do you judge a career coach if not by their success and if someone is ultimately successful can you really discount their repeated success because of circumstances? That would include every premiership coach in history.
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    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    Yeah I'm not suggesting he is. Failure and success always roost with the top person or persons. On a playing level that is Ken/Hardwick. How do you judge performance if not by results? Blame someone else?
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    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    Who employs HR?
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    Let's talk Ports! Part 3

    Who employed the 100's of workers?
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    Preview Round 17, 2021 vs Melbourne @ Adelaide Oval 09/07/21

    We're going to Butters Melbourne from pillar to post. More confident about this than any game we've played since Zac got injured.