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    What things are you too young for at the age of 30?

    - varicose veins - super/pension obsession - guttering obsession - knee socks/shorts/tucked-in shirt/skin cancer scars look - letter (or if more evolved a verbose ranty email) to the editor/council/ABC - needing help to use any ubiquitous piece of modern tech - Anzac Day anecdotes/warries -...
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    2020 Music

    These are the best top 10 hits we've had since mid 2018:
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    Rank your favourite band's albums

    I've been listening back to Binaural a lot this week as well. Blake feels like a slightly miscast recommendation from associated acts, but it bears some occasional gorgeous results. Classic case of a mid-album peak. I've had several Riot Act phases since ripping it from a neighbour in 2005 (my...
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    Have any Big Footy posters tested positive to Covid-19?

    Positive tests are still fairly scarce in FNQ. You'd have to be really unlucky, really stupid, really frontline or a jetsetter. Even with those weekend elections, seems more prevalent in SEQ for now, which is at least a day's drive away.
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    Gil and the obsession with mangling our game.

    I think a lot of people can just accept a scrapped season. It's no big deal for a lot of fans. Unusual, but understandable, we'll survive. Exploiting the situation to indulge all the tinkering possibilities to make that bottom line look less glaring is cringe, but expected. I agree in that a...
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    Movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (March 24 release date)

    As a concept, lockdown is really a great excuse for industry people to catch up on neglected film commentaries. Hopefully a lot more come out of this than we'd normally see. Of course many films are currently anywhere from initial scriptwork to final post work at the moment, so there are still a...
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    Movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    I've actually always been a rather level-headed poster. I don't say anything in bad faith or exaggerate, it's not in my nature.
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    Movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

    The problem isn't really in it being slow or needing to be pieced together. It just feels a bit of a flat nostalgia-fest, and reveals a lack of substance in Tarantino himself.
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    Rank your favourite band's albums

    Something has to come last, and whereas I kind of love the rest, these 3 still don't really do it for me, especially the last two. I keep trying though, here's hoping.
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    Rank your favourite band's albums

    Pearl Jam: 1. Vs. 2. Yield 3. Ten 4. Avocado 5. Gigaton 6. No Code 7. Riot Act 8. Binaural 9. Vitalogy 10. Backspacer 11. Lightning Bolt How I feel about it right now anyway.
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    2020 Music

    I'm really starting to love it. Pushing top 5 for me.
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    Your best moments of the 2020 AFL season

    Winning the last game of the season, so pretty typical. Sending the Demons out on a sour note for the third time in four years (2018 PF, 2017 finals percentage).
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    2020 Music

    I noticed that March 29 thing too, and this was one of those annoying US-time releases from the looks of it.
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    Not really. Ben-Hur & ROTK were the others that won 11. ROTK wasn't nominated for any, and Ben-Hur went 2/2. Just below that, West Side Story won 10 oscars with 2/2 in supporting. Gigi & Last Emperor won 9 Oscars without any acting nominations. The English Patient is the only other 9+ winning...
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    2020 Music

    For me it feels like a true continuation of Binaural-Riot-Avocado era, which exceeds my expectations. For the fans, but beautiful. Like Wilco last year, nice to see a resurgent old fave.

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