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    Game Day Round 1, 2021: GWS v St.Kilda *HIGHMORE DEBUT*

    Umpiring hasn't changed towards us this year. Many shocking calls that quarter. Eleni seems to have a bad record against us. Not the only ump though.
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    Teams 2021 SuperCoach Teams (Preseason)

    My first team for the year. Definitely will be making many revisions tonight. Keen to get your thoughts. Cheers.
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    Best 18 - One Player Per Club

    Gresham has a lot of talent no doubt. His move to the midfield is still a work in progress. Has the potential to be our best but needs to work on a couple of things.
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    Best 18 - One Player Per Club

    Think it's a combination of A and B. One of the things about a dynasty is that you have unlucky players missing out and your small forward options are one of your biggest strengths. Additionally in his first two seasons with the tigers Butler was averaging over a goal a game so was producing...
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    Best 18 - One Player Per Club

    Rowell looks a special player and is the type that plays beyond his years. No coincidence that they struggled to win games after his injury.
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    Best 18 - One Player Per Club

    Good options. My best 18 was based on the assumption that everyone is fit and available rather than current injuries, in which case I would've probably put Mitchell on ball. I like Rowell so much I just had to include him. Fast becoming my favourite non saint in the league.
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    Best 18 - One Player Per Club

    Hey Folks, Just saw a post on Instagram selecting a starting line up using one player from each of the 18 clubs in the present. I created a similar thread in the past but that was for past and present players. Interested to see others' teams posted on this thread. My team is as follows...
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    Prediction 2021 New Numbers

    Keep 22 next year for Josh Kelly 😉 If I were to guess: 5: Crouch 22: Allison 24: Frawley 30: Higgins 32: McKernan 40: Highmore
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    Teams 2021 St.Kilda Best 22 (assuming all players are fit)

    B: Paton, Howard, Wilkie HB: Coffield, Carlisle, Long C: Hannebery, Clark, Hill HF: Billings, Marshall, Gresham F: Membrey, King, Butler R: Ryder, Steele, Crouch Int: Jones, Battle, Ross, Higgins
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    News Changes to Next Generation Academies

    Had a proposal. I haven't read through all posts on this thread so apologies if this idea has been brought up by another poster. No clubs have any academies and they are all AFL run. The AFL have a rotation program where academy members spend a bit of time training and induction at all clubs so...
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Thread - Part III

    Worth giving a rookie spot to Jack Steven? Let a favourite son finish off his career at the sainters. We can also screw the cats back and get them to foot the bill for Steven to play for us next year.
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Thread - Part III

    If crows are pricks and match our offer, I'd look at this trade: Pick 17 + Dunstan for Crouch and Talia If we move on Carlisle Talia will be a handy replacement. He's also better suited to taking the gorillas like Hawkins and Lynch. It also frees up Howard to move to CHB and play more to his...
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    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Thread - Part III

    I would think that it makes more sense for crows to accept pick 23 and bundle their two 2nd round picks for doggies pick 14. Doggies would jump at this deal as it gives them roughly 500 more draft index points to match the bid for Ugle-Hagan. Even with the NGA discount, they need a large amount...
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    Strategy How would you fix free agency?

    Band 1 compensation starts after all non finals teams' picks (after pick 10). Don't like that non finals teams are punished by having their picks pushed out. I also like the idea of the number of games played in the last 3 years as part of the criteria.