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    Speculation Luke Jackson

    If you say it enough times it might come true.
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    Society & Culture Things in life you just don't understand - Part 5

    State of Origin is awesome. The only improvement would be if they played a different sport.
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    Things that please me - Part 4

    People get funny about 'misgendering', 'dead naming' etc. 'I was a she, am now a he' is not the same as 'yeah I'm just going to call you she'.
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    Speculation Luke Jackson

    It will be like all the other times a player nominated WC or Freo and then got traded to the other one.
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    FTA-TV Ads that piss you off (3)

    Any of the Tradie body spray ads.
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    Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022)

    Did it? We already knew Vader is a bad guy in a suit, Luke is a kid on Tattooine and Obi Wan is hanging out in a cave. I dunno if it really added anything to the canon as such, but didn't sabotage it either. Just another piece of Disney content, like Mando but not as good. Some talk of S2 but...
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    Unpopular AFL Opinions

    Geoff Miles - played 71 games which is decent Shane Ellis - 10 games Dean Laidley - decent for us but couldn't hold a spot in our early 90s sides and moved to North where he had a good career Ross Glendinning - superstar WAFL/VFL player, played 2 seasons with us then retired Peter Davidson -...
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    Unpopular AFL Opinions

    Geelong do have a unique and distinct home ground advantage, but it's not the reason for their recent finals record. The 2007-11 Geelong team was (a) better than the 2012- version and (b) played just as many games at KP. The 2020 team barely played at KP and made the GF. The 2021 team played...
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    Unpopular AFL Opinions

    For those who don't know how WC actually started out... See post #3.
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    WCE peak Judd was better than peak GAJ and peak Dustin Martin

    Peak Judd reminded me of Robert Harvey with the pace and flair of Peter Matera. He was the best centre bounce midfielder we've ever had, and kicked a goal a game. When he won his first Brownlow players weren't getting 30 touches a game for fun. Nigel Lappin was the only player to rack up 600...
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    Rules Do we need a send off rule?

    I see it a bit like soccer. A bad slide tackle is a bad slide tackle and the punishment will vary, but tugging a player's shirt from behind should be an automatic yellow regardless of whether you've already got one. Basketball has similar with flagrant 1 and 2 fouls. I do find it odd that footy...
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    Rules Do we need a send off rule?

    This happened before the Gaff incident.
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    Rules Do we need a send off rule?

    The last time I remember seeing people talk about a send off rule was when Gaff punched Brayshaw in 2018. If we've managed to go another 3 and a half seasons without it, why do we suddenly need it now? Why doesn't someone advocate for it in the off season when no one is punching or bumping...
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    MRP / Trib. Tom Stewart

    Worse than Wellingham on Simpson (3), not as bad as Cameron on Andrews (5). So 4 it is.
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    Cryptocurrency mega-thread

    There are 2,000 or so companies listed on the ASX, and they are regulated by ASIC. NYSE is regulated by the SEC etc. At last count there are around 20,000 cryptocurrencies and they are regulated by no one. It's complete apples and oranges. When a company like Theranos has a $9b valuation and...