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    Who are the 5 players your club can least afford to lose in season 2022?

    With Rayner back and Bailey to get more midfield time, I think Zorko can be covered. Loosing Lyons is a hole I don't think we could fill. He stepped-up in the absence of Neale this year, but not sure there is anyone who could replace/replicate him. As for Daniher, I'd group that, and say any...
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    Analysis 2021 trade thread

    I can recall during the 2019 trade period that there was talk of Celgar, especially with the Fagan-Hawks link, but then he re-signed for 3 yrs. Where does he sit now against the likes of Cox and Casboult?
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    AFL Dynasties Documentary - Brisbane Lions 2001-2003

    I don't know about Pikey taking it easy. After the 03 GF I was in the crown casino celebrating with numerous other supporters. Around 2am in came Pikey and Johno, still wearing their jumpers and GF medallions over their formal attire (chambray shirt and tan trousers). Several of us then...
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    Autopsy Season 2021 review

    At the start of the season what were your expectations of Daniher? Considering his lack of football over the past couple of seasons, I would of been content with 15-16 games and 30+ goals. I think he has more than earnt his wages this year. While the media was quick to jump all over him when...
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    Analysis 2021 trade thread

    First time poster, long time lurker. What are peoples thoughts on Levi Casboult? Our best structured forward line this year has been at its best with the 3 big Fwds along with Charile and Linc. As much as Fullerton tried to fill the gap in the absence of Hippy, he is still a work in progress...