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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Adelaide & Changes for Brisbane

    Props to our backline over the last month. They've been ******* sublime.
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    Certified Legendary Thread Richmond GIFs

    Little bit of a throw from Dusty to Rioli perhaps? :p
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    Things Tom Lynch has done to anger us

    He hate a bat at a chinese market.
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    Hawkins is a brain dead flog (with cool gifs :-p)

    Love how even being a cheating halfwit he can't even take the simple mark under zero pressure. 2 things I want from this era of AFL 1. Dangerfield to never get a Premiership medal 2. Hawkins to finally start getting the attention he deserves from the public and umpires.
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    Certified Legendary Thread Richmond GIFs

    Nice work Gif king :D Ross seems good value, keeps the eyes down, looks patient and makes good decisions.
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    Hawkins is a brain dead flog (with cool gifs :-p)

    We all loved that rushed snap he tried which missed and allowed us to go coast to coast and score seconds later, now that was sweet as Hawkins is one of the biggest arse clowns in the AFL. However... if you need any more reason to hate this w***er here's 2 more. Watch these blatant pushes from...
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Geelong and Changes for Adelaide, Round 18

    Had an exchange with some Cats w***er on Twitter slagging off Lynch, the umpires, Dimma as if there is some conspiracy against the Cats. Pointed out that their first goal came from one of their players running 30m without a bounce or getting pinged by the umpire and he shut the fu** up pretty...
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    Preview Round 17 Richmond v Geelong Metricon Stadium 7.50pm

    dude, my coke came back out my nose when I read that.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Freo & Changes for Geelong

    He does well for someone that plays bruise free footy.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Freo & Changes for Geelong

    I've read his articles, so yep he would know.
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    Preview Rd 14 - The Best Team of the Last 3 Years vs The West Coast Bradbury's

    LOL amazing preview!
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    Player Watch #48: Liam Baker

    His last 12 months have been great. Finished off 2019 strongly and hasn't skipped a beat this year. Remarkable when plenty of other players have dropped off this season in terms of skills etc.
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    MRP Tom Lynch Tribunal Discussion - Not guilty free to play

    Here for all the Melbourne supporter salt for my chips.

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