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    RIP Danny Frawley

    Rip Danny :( Apparently a real, genuine top bloke.
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    Toast A Decade of Dimma 💝

    Him, Brendan and Peggy have done an OUTSTANDING job.
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    Autopsy Roast & toast vs West Coast and changes for Brisbane

    some epic fail in the umpiring department.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Collingwood & Changes for Melbourne

    Eddie looking as fat as farkkkkkkk
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    Preview 2019 Round 19 - Collingwood vs Richmond @MCG, Friday July 27, 7:50 PM

    Apparantly Pies have injuries.
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    Jack Dyer Medal 2019

    Prestia a lock.
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    Autopsy Roast & toast vs Port Adelaide & changes for Collingwood

    Needed the whole team to do arrow shoots at Duursma after the final siren.
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    Banter You know you're struggling when Brad Scott doesn't even want to coach you anymore.. Ninth Melbourne vs Premiershipmond

    Have SportsBet opened odds on the list of duds in line for the Norf coaching gig? I reckon Bolton is odds on even.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Western Bulldogs Round 7 & Changes for Fremantle

    I've seen meth addicts with better decision making skills than we showed tonight.
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    Autopsy Roast & Toast vs Sydney, Rd 5 2019 & changes for Melbourne

    One could make the case that between Tippet and Franklin, all Sydney achieved was blowing a massive wad of cash for zero return.
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    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin - 2017 Brownlow Medalist

    Looks slow now also. I wonder what's going on.
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    Player Watch #4 Dustin Martin - 2017 Brownlow Medalist

    Last night was probably the worst game he's played for us. Keep him in against GWS but if he spuds that game up, then a week in the VFL wouldn't hurt him. If he's injured, he should be rested as last night he actually was a liability on the field.
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    Roast Umpires thread

    OMG and when their USA USA USA chant started up. What a bunch of ******* muppets.
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    Roast Umpires thread

    The stats speak for themselves. 9 to us 25 to Collingwood. Their was a 50m penalty missed as well. Tigers were awarded a free, the Pies player went back on the mark, a richmond player and his tagger ran in front of the mark. No 50m... It seems like we're back where the "interpretation" or just...
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    Game Day Round 1, Carlton vs Richmond @MCG 7:25pm

    I first thought we'd been ******* Goatse'd.

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