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    Coach Congratulations to New NMFC Senior Coach - Rhyce Shaw - 3 Year Deal

    The scum - for short:)
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    Tis is kinda what ive been told but other can confirm....... In 1896, Essendon and Geelong led a breakaway of clubs to form the VFL but Essendon successfully lobbied against North Melbourne’s inclusion even though the Shinboners were 6th on the ladder at the time. Essendon’s concern was that...
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    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    Yep, or Hosie looks good, I'd like to see him have a crack. Makes us smaller but he's quick and finds space will so he might create another target .
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    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    Too early to waste much energy on this just yet; A dislocated toe can be anything from zero to a couple of months so unless we have heard its a severe dislocation, very disappointing but we might be lucky. Garner having tightness sounds like a precautionary step and again could be nothing to...
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    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    We had plenty of issues going in. What’s wrong with Larks?
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    Training At training - club back training as of 18 May

    Great to see Jacobs with his head cut off though!
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    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    Personally I think Will could be anything between the arc - a very natural footballer thet is pretty fearless.
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    Resource Contracts [latest update: Goldstein --> 2022, Higgins --> 2021]

    This groups tighter than a Nuns clacker, signing contracts won’t be the hard part. Making the mandatory list cuts will be the hard part. Looks like more than usual this year too!
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    Coach North Melbourne Football Department Thread

    Not sure a culture based club like North works like that. Old wood isn’t seen as dead wood - it’s seen as history and the basis of what makes North North. No doubt hard calls will be made but I can’t see them throwing the shinboner spirit out the door
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    Injury The OFFICIAL Injury Updates thread - 2 weeks

    Completely. Lots of work to re-settle our backline. Plenty good options but other than Tarrant, Marley when back and Pittard , it’s about finding the fit and in form players to lock in a back 7. Easy to assume Daw, Walker, Atley and JMac but McDonsld, EVW, Murphy, Ahern Are no mugs so I think...
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    Player Watch #39: Flynn Perez - selected pick 35 in 2019 ND - Welcome to North Melbourne

    Agree that Zurhaar May fit the bill if he keeps on the same trajectory, but I think Jy might be a sleeper in the Alpha dog stakes. Not so quietly working his way to the leadership group, certainly has some swagger, just finding his body and real power capability. He’s tougher than he looks and...
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    Opinion Commentary & Media IV

    Thanks for that - a few chills. You're mad to skip watching that clip for a quick pick me up! Winnie Abraham's broken tackle, burn off, double bounce, shake and bake at full pace and pinged it from 50 best for mine. All great fun to watch though.
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    Russians are my favorite people.

    Holy crap! they are in strife. I don't think the deaths are getting collected properly in Russia but it could be the fact the its such A massive country with very remote and poor areas. it could be Putin reporting whatever he likes to.
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    Russians are my favorite people.

    Well you better start preying for them. They're about to start dropping dead by the truck load! 10k+ a day in new cases and climbing. I'm worried about them The oil price is almost zero, about their only income as well.
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    Preview giantroo's 2020 AFL National Draft thread.

    Also, I don't know the numbers but I feel like North have had 10+ injured for a few years now. Does that go away if we only have 35 on a list? If not, people are being gifted games as last man standing.

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