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    Player Watch #22: Josh Caddy

    I agree with your point. I am absolutely for getting a better ruck and system in place and to try to find a way getting that player into the team. However other changes should only be player v player and i guess that comes down to individual support views on players. However it may be better for...
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    Preview Best 22 in 2019

    You play to your strengths and the crows like to play many talls fwd. The reason fogarty got games was because McGovern was injured, not because they deliberately got games into him. If there is an opening available then all players can get a chance just like we have done in the past. If not...
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    Player Watch #15: Jayden Short

    While i understand your point and agree to an extent, imo no way is grigg in front of edwards or lambert for output.
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    It means when the ball is bounced or thrown up, a ruck can cross the centre line, take away to room for the other to run and jump up, thereby make it a contest with both rucks on the ground.
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    Even if he went into the centre, he wont do any jumping, just flick over the centre line to prevent the same oppo jumping.
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    Hello bubbles:eek:
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    Imo the games that matter are against sides that use 2 rucks ie the pies, crows and eagles. We got away with it v the GF but imo we need to have a strategy for them.
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    Particularly against big second rucks.
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    Is this something the coaches are looking at? Or something you floated?
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

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    2019 Membership thread

    Congrats mate!
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    Training Pre Season 18/19

    Wouldn't surprise me this was the reason for Kingleys coming on board to fix up and to strategise our midfield stoppages from anew.
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    Welcome Welcome to Richmond - Sydney Stack

    Haha best thing you've ever said!!
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