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    Play Nice 2020 Pre-Season Training

    So how does the draft for the end of the year works? If the comp doesn't go ahead?
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    Review Marsh Series Week 3: West Coast v Fremantle

    The poor bloke can't win...we'll take tough any day...
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    Welcome The Shrine that is Jesse Hulk Hogan (Continued from Melbourne)

    Hah! And, some people wanted to get rid of Tabbenator? The Man is even more valuable now...So, Please Jesus keep Tabbener healthy this whole year!!
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    Mega Thread 2019 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread #2

    Hahaha did they trade Hill in thinking they got Michael Walters? This Walter dude does get around. First he gets mobbed at a Perth Wildcats game then gets kidnapped by St Kilda... Might have to get the chaps at Campbell Barracks to snatch him back..."OP KEBAB" led by CAPT Hastie
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    Tim Kelly.

    TK...I am already booing him...I boo him in my sleep...I blame him for the US-China Trade War...the awful state of rap music since the passing of I type this I am hissing and spraying spit all over my screen... But I am an optimist. The guy has picked his suitor. We should be looking...
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    Mega Thread 2019 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread #2

    Lets stay on course...if BHill is going...and we get what he is worth...we pick the two best available (trust JLo and Bello) and Henry. TK can go enjoy his Eagle Family time. Langdon can make up his mind. Stay or go. Don't be a Diva. Same with Connor Blakely. Mature people work through...
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    Coach Justin Longmuir - Head Coach

    I am brimming with confidence. We do have a good group of players. Depth might be a bit shallow but if we draft well this year, we should add to that. Yes, it will take time to get the team playing like grand finalist. Lyon was good. JLo will take us to the Holy Grail
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    2019 Young Talent Time

    Good news! We can now avoid the Tim Kelly circus show...
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    Preview The Hello (Good Bye) Round

    One week I am flying high...after hearing the news about The Huge Lobbster, I feel so deflated that I don't think I can go to work anymore...
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    Review Freo downs Pie, 6-5 before Bye

    I miss Tabs. He is good for the team. Makes Hogan better too. I like Cox as well. Neale not so much. I despise Kingy and Roo as commentators.
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    Review Freo downs Pie, 6-5 before Bye

    Love your work Lobbster!! We have done well there.
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    News Harley Bennell - Ends at Freo in 2019

    There is a witch doctor in Lombok he can go to...his calves will be super hard by September
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    List Mgmt. Ross Lyon - Sacked

    I concur with you Frigate
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    Mid season draft

    Ali Ben Mabrouk...We need this Man!! AKA Anti Ballistic Missile
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    Win Prizes 2019 Goal Kicking Comp Part 1 - Congrats go_the_dockers! (2nd comp now open!)

    The Giant Lobbster for me thanks!! Him gonna kick two goals

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