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    Stats questions This guy has had a look at this sort of thing Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    PPPoker App Cash Game Club

    Interested mate, thanks Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Solved The Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist

    last prank call was in the early 90s and can only take the victims word that it was same person, this would have been around 15 years after the attack, I wonder if emotion got the better and they just put the voice to him when it could have just been a prank caller. There is a fair chance this...
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    Serial Killers

    just started part 5 on this, truly terrifying stuff. plenty of forums around to lose hours in too.
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    Updated Foxtel need to make another season of CIA

    Murder Calls last two stories were covered in the original Forensic Investigators. Would have thought they could use some original ones not yet done by other shows. Ignoring that though Murder Calls has been done better than Murder Uncovered so far for me.
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    Stats observations

    according to the odds and also the consensus, Dogs had 4 underdog victories in consecutive weeks, a feat as far as my numbers show has never happened in the last 13 seasons. anyone have any suggestions for other cases where this might have happened? after a 3rd win the team would generally be in...
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    Stats resources.

    apologies, thought I had clicked stats observation thread.
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    Stats questions

    that would make sense maybe, but completely misleading.
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    Stats questions

    i've asked before I think can't recall the answer but what is with the difference between footywire and afltables in regards to their games played by each player. footywire suggests 0 players under 50 games played in 2008 GF afltables...
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    Multiplat Don Bradman Cricket 14

    playing as a batting allrounder and it had been fine until I made the International team and seems that bowling has gotten incredibly harder, although more realistic it really takes a long time when we're fielding, got forced to bowl 30 overs in one county innings. wondering what it takes to be...
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    Multiplat Don Bradman Cricket 14

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    Multiplat Don Bradman Cricket 14

    since the new patch I've been involved in two run outs where one batsman has stayed at one end while the other has kept running, caused two run outs. never happened pre patch, anyone else had this?
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    Other NFL & NCAA Gambling Discussion

    Pats generally hopeless at covering when over a TD favourite but great when its under that number.
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    AE Official AE15 Launch - Discussion

    for their 5 losses its only been by a combined 22pts, no loss bigger than 6. brutal schedule so far, not as bad their record suggests. Awfully hard to beat Arizona at home though especially after the shit showing they gave last week.
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