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    SEVENTY ******* FOUR!!!

    Darwin, after Cyclone Tracy. Barkly Street, after Grand Final.
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    Certified Legendary Thread Days since Essendon last won a final

    That's the old Joe Daniher version.
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    Toast Best Remembered Grand Final Goals of All Time

    Probably one of the most famous goals of all time was back in the 1964 grand final. With Melbourne trailing and time almost up, back pocket Neil Crompton, in desperation, ran to the forward line (in those days a cardinal sin for a defender) and somehow grabbed a loose ball and kicked the...
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    Toast Best Remembered Grand Final Goals of All Time

    That's one of the greatest of all time. Sheed's goal in 2018. KB's best goal in a Grand Final was the sealer in 1967 (I don't know why it's not better known).
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    Player Watch #21: Noah Balta

    I had a catch-up earlier this year with a couple of mates I used to hang around with in my teens-early 20s. We hadn't seen each other in at least 25 years (one living in Darwin, one across the ditch). Met up at the pub, had a beer and then sat down to dinner, picked up the menus and out came 3...
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    Portfolio AFL Redesign (ideal jumpers)

    I always quite liked the white with the yellow sash.
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    Opinion Nickname

    Surprised no one has mentioned sharks - thaqt usually gets a run in these threads. Otherwise, I think Islanders is not bad. Might be an indigenous name.
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    Player Watch #21: Noah Balta

    Are you suggesting he retires and becomes an umpire?
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    AFL Grand Final Grand Final 2021 - Melbourne vs Western Bulldogs - Sat, Sept 25 - 5:15pm AWST / 7:15pm AEST

    Don't mind either, to be honest. I have a few more Dees mates (well, I did go to a private school, after all), so I'll probably go for them. I do like Gawn as a captain and player. It's odd, when I don't have a particular barracking interest and I'm watching any game it usually takes the first...
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    Player Watch #21: Noah Balta

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    News Shai Bolton 2021 Mark of the Year Winner

    Bolton's was an excellent example of a 'standard' speccie. We've seen them before, but very few that high. Great mark. Jack's was something that - well, I don't think I've seen any like that. Truly extraordinary.
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    Toast Essendon Football Club 150 Year Anniversary 1872-2022 - Launch at 10am, Friday 17th of September (see club website)

    Morning guys, I don't want to post on the Main board thread because that just descends into the usual partisan banter. I love football club history - good, bad, funny, rude. A football club is a unique type of institution that can bring people together who would otherwise have nothing in...
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    Days since Carlton have had a coach

    Hang on just a minute there, young feller.
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    Opinion Is it time for some clubs to re-name their Best & Fairest awards?

    It's the older histories going back to the 1920s and 30s that need to be remembered. Most football clubs have been around for over 100 years, and even some of the recent new franchises (eg Adelaide, Fremantle) have some connections with clubs, players, administrators and fans going back to past...
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    It was 50 years ago today

    I don't know if I would agree the Whale 'did nothing for South'. He played 5 games for Richmond in '75 and then got traded and played 15 games for the Swans. In every game for South, he had more kicks, marks and Handballs than his best game for Richmond that year. He got 17 votes in the...