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    Port Adelaide…Contenders or pretenders

    This Port team is the epitome of downhill skier.
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 First Semi Final - Lions v Bulldogs Sat September 4th 7:20 EST (Gabba)

    Great game. Bailey Smith is a monster, 3 goals and was everywhere towards the end
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    Toby Greene makes contact with umpire - NOW WITH POLL

    Yea, I agree with you here but that Hawkins decision was one of the biggest joke of the year. It shouldn't have been more than a fine.
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    Toby Greene makes contact with umpire - NOW WITH POLL

    Jeez, reading through the thread I thought Toby smashed into the Ump during play or something. Nothing in it at all, a fine should suffice. Some of you lot need to get a grip
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    AFL 2021 AFL Round 23

    Good bet if you did it!!
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 22 - Suns v Bombers Sun August 15th 3:20pm (GHMBA)

    I feel for Miller, gives his all week in week out but gets let down by his dreadful team mates
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 21 - Blues v Suns Sat August 7th 1:45pm EST (Marvel)

    Typical Carlton lololol
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    Summer Tokyo 2021 Day 9 Thread

    Indoor Volleyball has been my favourite this Olympics. Since Aussie isn’t in it I’ve been cheering for Japan.. it’s amazing how well they’re doing with the height disadvantage - Their no 11 is a freak, 186cm and has same spike/block height as a 200cm player. not sure if they can get past next...
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    Autopsy AFL 2021 Round 17 - Port v Demons Thurs July 8th 7:40pm EST (AO)

    Port are the epitome of flat track bullies. Yes I know that have injuries, but they have always stunk it up against good teams.
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    Boomer saying he'll be the last to play 400 games

    Still annoys me knowing B.Scott pushed Boomer out. I think he could've played 450 games. Boomer earnt the right to call time on his career.
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    Anime/Manga you are currently watching/reading

    if you haven't gotten on to it then y'all need to watch Megalo Box season 1 and Season 2. One of the best sequel imo. Season 2 is up to episode 11 and so far I think it will be anime of the year. Sad it doesn't get as much attention as some others ie. To Your Eternity, Awesome music as well
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    Tex Walker tackle on Oliver

    joke of a report. Late tackle, nothing in it
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    AFL 2021 AFL Round 4

    Great call this one