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  1. Dez!

    Multiplat Cricket 19

    Just saw that video on the game. The video is only 4 minutes but if you can't be arsed: - Available in May but TBA on the date - PS4, X1 and Nintendo Switch with PC (Steam) to follow shortly after - Scenario mode (Sounds like you can create and share your scenario) - Apparently added things...
  2. Dez!

    Shane Crawford: 8 years 8 million For Danger Dee. While I think the Buddy deal was ridiculous, I'm actually thinking Crawf may have a point here. It's going to take something amazing to get Dangerfield away from...
  3. Dez!

    NBA 2k14 Next Gen

    Seperate thread for it needed IMO so PN get effed. ;) Picked it up yesterday when I bought an Xbox One in the spur of the moment because apparently I have the will power of a piss-ant. Looks amazing and really enjoying it. Jumped into MyCareer and got drafted at #7 by the Kings as a 6'3...
  4. Dez!

    Confirmed Vince to Dees for Sylvia Compo Pick No screwing around from Roos.
  5. Dez!

    News Martin and Morton Sign Contract Extentions

    It's already in the "New Contracts" thread but I thought it could use a thread of it's own on a day like today Morton and Martin sign contract extentions I haven't given up on Morton, I'm prepared to write this season off as a down season he'll bounce back from next year. Carn Cale.
  6. Dez!

    2nds Casey vs Port Melbourne

    Anyone else watching? Gawn just tore through a pack knocked the ball out of the pack, kept running tackled at half forward got the free and then a 50m penalty and finally finished it off with a goal. GO GAWNY!
  7. Dez!

    The NBL's Answer?

    Didn't see it posted anywhere else. The Answer coming to the NBL? Whether he's 35, 36, 37, 38 or 400 it would still be amazing to have AI playing in the NBL. Imagine what it would do for the league? Although somebody will have to tell him that the salary cap is a little bit smaller in...
  8. Dez!

    Round 17 Rising Star?

    Surprised it hasn't been made yet because it's usually made after the first game of the round. Jordie McKenzie - 18 possessions (6 kicks, 12 handballs) - 12 tackles - 7 clearances - 11 contested possessions - 2 assists - 2 inside 50's Kyle Hardingham - 4 goals - 11 possessions (9...
  9. Dez!

    Changes vs Essendon

    In: McDonald, Sylvia, Jurrah, Bail, Morton Out: Grimes (inj), Spencer, Cheney, Jones, Jetta Didn't really want to drop Jetta but Bail was BOG for Casey and someone has to make way. Geez those are some strong ins though, that's something to get excited over.
  10. Dez!

    Sylvia: My Toe Could Have Died

    My toe could have died: Sylvia Sounds promising, bit of comedy in there from Col as well shows he's in good spirits.
  11. Dez!

    Training - Junction Oval 4/6

    Taken from Demonland courtesy of SARS74. Tapscott and Gawn running and kicking is superbly awesome. The comment about Jurrah looking fit, jizz worthy.
  12. Dez!

    Melbourne 2011 & Beyond: Drafting, Trading, Re-signing, De-listing.

    Obviously with the Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney coming into the competition it's going to be harder at the draft table. While we have done most of our rebuilding through the draft the past couple of years I don't believe we've finished that and this upcoming draft could be the most...
  13. Dez!

    Injury Injury List - Round 9

    MELBOURNE Matthew Bate (ankle) - test Sam Blease (leg) - 2-3 weeks Cameron Bruce (hamstring) - test Jack Fitzpatrick (shoulder) - 2-3 weeks Max Gawn (knee) - indefinite Liam Jurrah (shoulder) - 5-6 weeks Stefan Martin (hip) - 1 week John Meesen (ankle) - indefinite Ricky Petterd...
  14. Dez!

    NBA 2010-2011 Off-season Thread

    Yes it's not exactly officially the off-season yet but for those who have teams that missed the playoffs or have been eliminated from the playoffs or just didn't feel like winning the Championship this year (Chicago :p) I thought may as well start this thread now instead of cluttering up the...
  15. Dez!

    Changes vs Dogs - Round 7

    Very early but I don't want to think about todays game anymore. Out Ricky Petterd (Shoulder) Stefan Martin Jared Rivers In Jack Watts Paul Johnson (Yeah that's how pathetic I found Martin's efforts today) Jordie McKenzie - If Petterd is in fact out then I see this as the perfect...
  16. Dez!

    Favouritism Is Dee's Challenge

    Favouritism is Dees Challenge Pretty much what we are all thinking but they can say they won't take Richmond lightly but I won't believe it until they do it. Some very positive and exciting news to go with the article is at the bottom of it. Here comes Cale. Grimes setting up from half...
  17. Dez!

    Round 2 vs Collingwood - The Good, The Bad and The Fugly

    Good Jamar - 36 hitouts to Fraser and Jolly's combined total of 31 - 14 possessions to Fraser and Jolly's combined total of 11 Petterd - Ability to use his body to get into best position - Incredible mark - No Fear - Kicks goals Green - Target up forward - Ran the ball out from defense on...
  18. Dez!

    Match Notes - Round 1 Melbourne v Hawthorn

    Disappointing result without a doubt but just a thread to mention the things you saw either good or bad just not moronic. Tom Scully - Got plenty of the ball - 20 possessions - Nice hands - Pretty good pace, showed a bit of run and carry - Kicking was generally pretty good Jack Trengove - Got...
  19. Dez!

    Max Gawn

    Just looking around the Melbourne player list and noticed something that tweaked my interest. Name: Max Gawn Number: 37 Height: 208cm Weight: 104kg DOB: 28-12-1991 Debut: Yet to debut I thought **** that's impressive size for a bloke that turned 18 only 3 months ago, he...
  20. Dez!

    NAB Challenge Match vs Essendon - Visy Park Sat 27th 1pm

    Yeah bit early but I saw some news regarding the game this week and thought I'd get in early. The Herald Sun reports that there will be a few changes for the game against the Bombers. Mark Jamar, Lynden Dunn, Clint Bartram, Daniel Bell and Rohan Bail all expected to play this week against the...

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