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  1. patfullfankezz

    Photos and Photography Thread

    You know I thought this thread would already be here, but I guess not. My partner and I sometimes like to stick the GoPro in the window and time-lapse the day, but he hasn't done that for a while. I did have a Nikon D3000 (named Rog) but he's long gone now. I should get a proper camera again...
  2. patfullfankezz

    Vale Michael Bowers

    I know he wasn't popular, but it's never a nice thing to hear.
  3. patfullfankezz

    #jumperswapchallenge - Show the AFL how it's done!

    Let's face it, all the AFL has done with it's security blitz is put people on edge and raise tensions. So my best friend and I thought up a plan to show the AFL how to handle things like this, with #jumperswapchallenge. It's a way to show that no matter what club we support, friendship and...
  4. patfullfankezz

    Roast The "We Lost" Memes Thread!

    So, this is kinda like the old vent thread, but in order to stop people from getting into fights with each other, you're only allowed to post memes/gifs in this thread! So let out your angry memes and gifs in this safe environment!
  5. patfullfankezz

    Toast Patfull Sydrome - The Underappreciated Ones

    This thread was inspired by the mention of the likes of Lester, Taylor and Cutler in the review thread. This is the thread to discuss those who might not rack up the possessions or the goals or be the flashy players, but they get in and play their role, often being looked over or even becoming...
  6. patfullfankezz

    A bit of self-reflection

    WARNING: This might get sappy and/or preachy. Apologies in advance. I'm going to admit right off the bat that I'm probably the most bitter and spiteful person I've ever met. Most people won't believe that, but that's only because I've learned to hold my tongue and keep my temper by forcing...
  7. patfullfankezz

    Health and Life Goals Thread

    Just so we're not taking over the Random Thread on the main board. Just a thread for us to pump each other up and support each other through difficult times or trying to achieve goals. That being said, right now I'd happily trade Dayne Beams for a Longbeach Original. Or even a Deal Red. Hell...
  8. patfullfankezz

    What are YOU watching?

    Yes you. Right now. What are you watching?! For me, it's Steven Universe. Reminds me a bit of Adventure Time with its tone, but otherwise I personally prefer it over Adventure Time. I love Garnet and Peridot! Also watching a few of the old kids shows I used to love as a child, like "The...
  9. patfullfankezz

    Scale Models/Train Sets/Slot Cars etc

    Please tell me I'm not the only Lion(ess) who does this sort of thing! Anyway, I've been with Lite 'n' Easy all year, and while they're SUPPOSED to take the styrafoam boxes back, they don't. So rather than dump them, I've started turning them into train sets so that hopefully when I have a...
  10. patfullfankezz

    Now LAMBOSE definitely in hot water!

    Seriously, can this Club catch a break? We can NOT afford to lose the Lamberts because of the GWS.
  11. patfullfankezz


    Potentially asking for this thread to be derailed but whatevs. Any other dancers here? After doing ballroom/latin a few years ago one of the guys at work has introduced me to west coast swing - and I love it! I'm also looking forward to finally seeing Lord of the Dance live at QPAC in October. :D
  12. patfullfankezz

    A tank of puns/gifs/jokes

    How many tank puns/gifs/jokes can we fit in one thread? I think the thread title is pretty good myself :D
  13. patfullfankezz

    The Round 7 Photo Caption Thread - We Are The Champions!

    A) B) C) D) Extra Credit: (For inspiration, click here. I claim no responsibility for any drinks coming out of noses)
  14. patfullfankezz

    The Round 6 Victory Photo Caption Thread!

    Let's all have a go and have some fun now! A) B) C) D) Extra play:
  15. patfullfankezz

    The Doomsday Photo Caption Thread!

    Well, what else can you call yesterday?! A) "BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!!" B) Paps doing his rockstar impersonation. C) "CROWDSURFING! Wooo!" D) "Need more altitude..." Extra credit: Joel: "We're going back to Brisbane to help the Lions and that's final!" Elliot: "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MUM!" EDIT...
  16. patfullfankezz

    The Round 4, 2015 Photo Caption Thread!

    My attempt at trying to make us all feel better. A) B) C) D) Bonus point:
  17. patfullfankezz

    The Round 3 Photo Caption Thread, 2015!

    Because we need it. Remember, try to be amusing, not disparaging (unless it's to the opposition or the mods :P) and let's see if we can't cheer up a bit eh guys? A) B) C) D) Extra credit: (You guys miss him as much as I do!)
  18. patfullfankezz

    The Off-Season Photo Caption Extravaganza!

    With all the silliness that's going to be floating around the place, I thought it'd be a good idea to try and channel it into something productive. I'll post new photos when I think of it to keep things fresh. Anyway, remember to keep things funny and respectful. A) B) C) D)
  19. patfullfankezz

    Club Champion Tonight!

    Who else is going tonight? Can't wait for a Patfull Three-peat!
  20. patfullfankezz

    The Round 22 Photo Caption Thread!

    A) B) C) D)