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  1. sr20

    Training Pre Season - Who's deadset training the house down 2024 style.

    New season - same issue of fading in the last. Must be the same fitness staff
  2. sr20

    Swans Bigfooty league

    I will jump in if there is still a spot
  3. sr20

    Swans Bigfooty league

    Classic or Draft?
  4. sr20

    Preview 2024 Round 01 Thursday March 7 v Melbourne 7:20 @ SCG

    This is my opinion, just from seeing how we like to line up throughout the years structure wise. Defence (7) KPD (2) - McCartin and one of Melican, Hamling, Francis Hybrid (2) - Rampe and Blakey - Fox is the one that comes in if one misses Rebounder (2) - Lloyd and Florent Lockdown (1) -...
  5. sr20

    Autopsy 2023 AFL Draft - Day 1 & 2 Kickoff at 7pm

    Not even the highest bidding team and it's all about us
  6. sr20

    Toast 2023 Swans Board Phantom Draft

    Collingwood pass - I think they'll only take two spots in the main draft. If they have a list spot available, I'd expect them to pick up Ryan Clarke to teach Nick Daicos how to handle a tag.
  7. sr20

    Toast 2023 Swans Board Phantom Draft

    Collingwood is going to take Western Bulldogs Next Gen Academy member Luamon Luol. Will Hoskin Elliott was picked in the finals series as a defender ahead of Noble, and that's the role I'm selecting him for. An aggressive rebounding defender, runs his full measure and pretty good skills from...
  8. sr20

    Toast 2023 Swans Board Phantom Draft

    Pick 23 - Collingwood select Archer Reid. 203cm with a long reach and an athlete. He's played as a key forward and ruckman. Mason Cox replacement, should pair up well with Mihocek and McStay in the future.
  9. sr20

    Toast 2023 Swans Board Phantom Draft

    I'll have Collingwood
  10. sr20

    Opinion 2024 and Beyond

    Fair call. I don’t necessarily disagree, just felt it enables us to keep our structures in the forward half without the need to have to play one of the Talls so high. Or Hayward or Heeney. Keeps them where they can be dangerous, and stops them from dragging the strong intercept defenders to the...
  11. sr20

    Opinion 2024 and Beyond

    Just wanting to throw this one out there, and expecting to be shot down in dramatic fashion. But. Disclaimer: Providing fitness is there after a season on the sidelines getting his body right. Could Sam Reid finish his ultimate swing man career as a Wing. enables him to be able to push...
  12. sr20

    List Mgmt. 2023 Draft & Trade Hypotheticals

    Yep Future second they do though. Which could be 19, so maybe too much - something in the 20s is about right if just working off value.
  13. sr20

    List Mgmt. 2023 Draft & Trade Hypotheticals

    You could probably look at the Bruhn, Henry, Caldwell trades in recent years for comparison here with Stephens - the main difference that he had an extra 2 years at the Swans (making him more experienced and closer to his prime), but he was a higher pick than all of them. Caldwell 44, 74 for 29...
  14. sr20

    List Mgmt. 2023 Draft & Trade Hypotheticals

    Assuming the Elimination Final side was our best 22 (and really cost ourselves that game) We have Draft Picks: 11, 22, 30, 41, 49, 85 We Lose: Hickey, 30 (for Grundy) We could Add: Grundy, McKay (Free Agent), 11, 22, Cleary (use up the remaining picks for points) Could lead to a best 22 +...
  15. sr20

    List Mgmt. 2023 Draft & Trade Hypotheticals

    Grundy is a Top 5 Number one Ruckman in the competition. He isn’t playing for Melbourne because he is playing second fiddle to THE best Ruckman in the competition. Round 2 Max went down in the first, he got 45 hit outs and 12 touches Round 3 first game fully sole ruckman, 25 hit outs and 21...
  16. sr20

    Preview Sydney Swans v Melbourne Sunday 27th August 3 20pm, The farewell.

    Good to have the Amartey party back. Judging by the bench, it’ll end up being : In - Amartey Out - Francis Sub out of Roberts, Clarke, Melican and Francis
  17. sr20

    Preview Sydney Swans vs Adelaide Crows (it's English for Corvuses)

    I don’t see why Fox, Rampe, McCartin and Francis can’t all play in the same team. We had Paddy with the other three last year and that was when we were arguably at our strongest because one, if not two of Blakey, Florent and Lloyd could move the ball. With Cunningham a lock down small defender...
  18. sr20

    POTY Round 22 vs Gold Coast

    5 - Will Hayward 4 - Chad Warner 3 - Isaac Heeney 2 - Tom Papley 1 - Hayden McLean YPOTY : Chad Warner
  19. sr20

    Retired #39 Paddy McCartin - Thank you Paddy - Always a Blood!

    Officially announced retirement according to AFL website
  20. sr20

    Autopsy Thankgod for our kicking boots Swans by 11 to keep season alive!

    An extra point against Geelong and we’d be 5th 🥴🥴