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  1. Vintage

    NO TROLLS Angus Brayshaw retires

    Horrible news for Brayshaw. Hope he’s ok
  2. Vintage

    Opinion Realistically...where's your club finishing and why? (Unbiased edition)

    9th to 12th. i feel like we’re improving, but still way too young. unbiased I expect us to look poor in quite a few games, but start to gel as a team mid Season before fading due to youth. maybe 11 to 14th more realis
  3. Vintage

    Lebron James 35 percent

    Lot more opponents in an 18 team comp, lot more new players each year to play against etc. pendles will move up a few spots if he plays out the year - presumable another 50 to 80 players?
  4. Vintage

    Top 5 Midfields 2024

    Darcy jackson serong brayshaw young fyfe Johnson JOM chapman aish Brodie, Erasmus, hmm, still a way off top 5. with any luck they develop this year and are in the conversation next year
  5. Vintage

    Who finishes last in 2024?

    Be careful with FM and his selective use of stats. hey Freomaniac when is the last time Freo played the kangaroos at docklands given we haven’t beaten them there since 2017? What’s that? That was also the last time we played them there? Oh, ok that’s interesting.
  6. Vintage

    Prediction Who finishes higher in 2024, Fremantle or GC?

    Our forwards are still too young, and not clear who our wings are. and Overall the team is still very young and inexperienced. On that basis it’s tough to see us above 10th. GC could climb if they hit their straps quickly with the new coach. i expect both to be comfortably in the 8 in 2025.
  7. Vintage

    Cam Rayner

    Mihocek has carved out a great career for someone taken 2nd round of the rookie draft. Good on him and Collingwood. What a bargain. Rayner has not done as well relative to his draft position. Whether or not he’s top 20 in his draft year might be argued, but he definitely isn’t top 10, which...
  8. Vintage

    Top 20 Players in the game

    Agree, I’d definitely take sic ahead of stewart these days. youve got to have a couple of tall forwards in - curnow had a rough finals series but he’s still in the top 20 for mine. from Freo I really hope Luke Jackson is in these conversations for 25 or 26. Not sure who else has the potential...
  9. Vintage

    Which current coach do you dislike the most?

    Clarkson, Beveridge - really needed 2 votes. dont have a problem with any of the others.
  10. Vintage

    Top 50- Season 24

    I’m expecting to see U Nicorn in everyone’s top 50 by the end of the year.
  11. Vintage

    Sam Newman- people have had enough of this shameless racist.

    It’s actually welcoming anyone from outside that area to ‘country’ so it includes all races. Country refers to indigenous regions, not Australia. when you learn a little bit about their culture, it’s a really impressive one. so appreciative, calm, respectful. I love listening to a welcome to...
  12. Vintage

    Opinion Equalisation is a myth.

    There’s some in built advantages for some clubs though. Eg Collingwood, Carlton, Richmond get to play in big games and have money around them, so players are more likely to want to join them. And often will be prepared to join for a little bit less money. there is more to fixture advantage than...
  13. Vintage

    Opinion Equalisation is a myth.

    10 different winners in 22 years is actually pretty good I reckon. I’m more interested in how often teams make the finals. It feels like a couple of teams have made top 8 for ~80% of the last 15 years (Sydney, Geelong, wce until recently?) which means there are really only 5 or 6 spots up each...
  14. Vintage

    Toast 2023 Rising Star - Congratulations Harry Sheezel of The North Melbourne Football Club

    Ashcroft 39 owens 33 Amiss 28 all 4 of them were top 4 by every judge. Bucks had owens ahead of sheezel. very deserved win imo. And as a docker, I’m very happy with amiss so far.
  15. Vintage

    Best Key Forward 25 under

    I’d add JUH to those names, bit younger but he’s really come along this year. I might be biased but Jye Amiss is looking very good for a second year KPP who barely played last year due to serious kidney injury. Averaging 1.8 gpg from 21 games. He definitely has the potential to be top few in...
  16. Vintage

    Prediction 22under22 2023

    Time for a change to 23 under 23 so we get the sub and they are actually UNDER 23 at the cutoff date.
  17. Vintage

    How long does Adam Simpsons have left?

    They didn’t have one. Banked the money instead.
  18. Vintage

    Will we see a move back to smaller mids in the future?

    I think you’ll find the average height of the top players in all of those sports is above the average height of gen pop. Eg top 10 tennis avg is over 190cm. Brazil soccer team 180cm vs gen pop 173cm even rugby wingers are at least an inch taller than average top level soccer players about an...