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  1. PerthBoy86

    Prediction Who's poised to be the disappointment/let down team of 2024?

    If we're talking expectations vs actual performance, I fear Gold Coast. Most think they'll play finals under Hardwick but I'm not totally convinced. Their late season fade was concerning. Hope I'm wrong though, they've played 13 seasons, about time they're relevant.
  2. PerthBoy86

    Preview AFL 2024 Opening Round 0 - Swans v Demons Thurs March 7th 7:30pm AEDT (SCG)

    Actually feel all this stuff might galvanise the Melbourne footy club. Expecting them to come out playing like demons and it to be competitive, but Swans will still be too good and win by two goals.
  3. PerthBoy86

    Backing up a grand final loss and winning a flag the next year

    Yeah back to back is hard, you need a few things to go your way. Also AFL teams have 18 players on the field which, if you think about it, evens things out. In individual sports like tennis a player as dominant as Rafael Nadal can win 14 out of 18 or so titles at one tournament. In NBA with 5...
  4. PerthBoy86

    Have You Ever Switched Teams?

    No, despite growing up not far from Freo and 'supporting' the South Fremantle Bulldogs, I was already too dyed in the wool Eagles in 95 when the Dockers entered the league. Plenty of Dockers and Port fans above a certain age were Crows and Eagles fans before of course, so not that unusual...
  5. PerthBoy86

    Footy players/coaches etc are too nice, be nice to hear more honesty

    You're stalking me? I should feel flattered.
  6. PerthBoy86

    Opinion Why is no one discussing Geelong?

    Pleasant 70 minute drive down the freeway or train trip on the V line from Melbourne. I like the Esplanade area, nice botanic gardens, some nice places to eat, drink etc, close to the GOR, Otways, Bellarine etc. Not a bad spot, really...except their footy team they can eat ass, and alphabet...
  7. PerthBoy86

    Footy players/coaches etc are too nice, be nice to hear more honesty I honestly loved hearing May's comments. And not because of any bias, would be the same for any club. I did find it a bit funny as it's partly sour grapes, but the fact they're 'controversial'...
  8. PerthBoy86

    Where are the Western Bulldogs at?

    Get more defensive stocks and a new senior coach and they'll be top 4 next few years. If not forget about it.
  9. PerthBoy86

    Opinion Why are the interstate teams so bad? How do we fix them?

    WA and SA clubs should have first pick of talent from those states, Vic clubs from Victoria.
  10. PerthBoy86

    The Modern Era of Football

    I'd also add when televising of games became more prominent/more watched live on tv than at the ground. Not sure exactly when, but probably when most games were broadcast live. When all games weren't played at 2pm on a Saturday arvo.
  11. PerthBoy86

    How much would you like to see back to back flags?

    2019 the biggest season choke. For some reason we just can't even get into a position to defend a flag. Hey, we've been blessed with 4 flags, but I think the main thing I'd want to tick off as an Eagles supporter on my team on earth (or before the club folds, whichever occurs first) is to see us...
  12. PerthBoy86

    Prediction Will WCE Ever Three Peat?

    I'll just be chuffed if we go back to back, as per my other post. We always seem to slide after a premiership. There's a chance it'll never happen, I mean Collingwood's last was in the 30s. Few would have imagined 80 years later they'd still be waiting for another.
  13. PerthBoy86

    Where does the 2023 AFL grand final rank?

    It was close throughout, but the second half kind of stops it from being among the greatest for me. Both teams looked a bit sluggish, it was dour, and there weren't too many highlights. The set shots from outside 50 were impressive, as well as a few individual passages. Bailey's 2nd quarter goal...
  14. PerthBoy86

    First club to 17 premierships?

    Yeah 2018 felt so frustrating for us cos we were peppering the goals and missing opportunities late. And that Jack Darling missed mark which thankfully didn't cost us. But yeah that's a fair point.
  15. PerthBoy86

    First club to 17 premierships?

    Would you say the same if you'd lost yesterday? 2 from 7 flags would be a failure.
  16. PerthBoy86

    NRL NRL 2023 - Grand Final Penrith vs Brisbane

    Wanted to watch the NRL granny (I don't generally follow NRL but like to take some interest) but was out with friends. Might watch the replay later, but holy s**t, Brisbane must be cursed to lose the two gfs by such slim margins.
  17. PerthBoy86

    Analysis 2023 Grand Final wrap: Liked, Learnt, and Hated?

    Liked: Close, exciting game. Hated: Lions not showing up when they needed to. But I've accepted the result, Pies were better on the day. Learnt: Collingwood won with coaching and system. Brisbane probably need more experience on the big stage at the MCG.
  18. PerthBoy86

    Oppo Camp Non-Eagles Discussion

    Really? Got a link?
  19. PerthBoy86

    Oppo Camp Non-Eagles Discussion

    Since 2000, we won in 06 after a close gf loss in 05, Cats 09 after 08 (not super close but not a blowout), Hawks in 13. History shows after a close gf loss teams will soon challenge again. No guarantees, but can't see why the Lions won't get better.
  20. PerthBoy86

    Toast Collingwood’s amazing record now of playing Grand Finals in nearly every decade since 1896 ( 11 out of 12)

    Oh yeah. I still find Hawthorn winning a flag every decade since the 60s more impressive, and having won 13 with their first in 1961 the most impressive record.
  21. PerthBoy86

    Oppo Camp Non-Eagles Discussion

    Or club policy issues in their contract. Like representing another competing club in public.
  22. PerthBoy86

    One thing premiership winners do well that isn't talked about much

    Yeah I think taps (not in ruck contests) should definitely get stats. Becoming increasingly important in our game. Yeah maybe, they got a lot of outside 50 set shots too.
  23. PerthBoy86

    Is the MCG a big advantage on Grand Final Day for Victorians against Interstate Sides? /Are Interstaters advantaged during the home and away season?

    Do you think the MCG gave the Pies 10 more scoring shots? I think fundamentally Fagan was outcoached by McRae. He's an average coach and the Lions have an average coaching team, it was lost at selection/matchups. I do wonder if not having played V/AFL means you don't have as much of a feel for...
  24. PerthBoy86

    Autopsy AFL 2023 Grand Final - Pies vs Lions Sat Sept 30th 2:30pm EST (MCG)

    I had someone throw beer at me at Fed Square. I know it's a minority but damn why do I always have bad experiences with certain Pies fans moreso any other group? Can't deny it's added to my disdain for them. Overall though I'm a little annoyed and never that thrilled about any big Melbourne...
  25. PerthBoy86

    How much would you like to see back to back flags?

    Some say we're the only interstate club to win it without concessions that wasn't a merged (Brisbane Lions) club. I don't know much about that but will take it as a compliment lol.
  26. PerthBoy86

    How much would you like to see back to back flags?

    Yeah we weren't far off from having 2 potential 3 peats in the early 90s and mid 00s. If we'd won 93, 05 and 07 we'd have 7 flags and be by far the greatest of the AFL era. But I'm pretty happy with 4 out of 7, given 2 were so close as well.
  27. PerthBoy86

    Oppo Camp Non-Eagles Discussion

    It's a strange look, can't imagine the club is too pleased. Would there be any legal issues? I can't imagine an Eagles or Dockers player wearing the other's gear to support a mate. But hey, there used to be the tradition of jumper swapping at grand finals too.
  28. PerthBoy86

    Who's closer to a flag? Adelaide, Port Adelaide or Fremantle?

    Adelaide's trajectory looks the most promising, but need the right pieces. Should challenge for top 4 next year and could contend as early as 2025. Feel Port have overachieved and their window (if it existed) is fast closing. Will drop next year and fade into mediocrity again with this squad...