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    Have the Crows botched their rebuild?

    rebuild looks poor due to ball use, not sure how you fix that with the players they have on the list. biggest issue i see is nicks backs in smith to be the kicker out of the defence when he has poor skills. add into that the mid group looks one paced, berry cook just look off it which is costly...
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    Coach Has Ken Hinkley Been Found Out?

    could not stop laughing when he said "our young mids will learn" ... those young mids had break out years and got torn apart by a old 22 year old tom green.
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    Roast Port Adelaide's failure to do a HIA assessment on Aliir - [AFL confirms both players FAILED concussion tests on Monday]

    jones past his HIA last night too like come onnnnnnnnnnnn... tight hammy oh come off don't risk it, masssive head knock go back on it's all good. what did port have to lose sitting Aliir out ?
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    Analysis Which team out of Essendon, Adelaide, North and Hawthorn has the better youth?

    clearly the crows board/coaching team rate the list with trading out of the draft (was the plan) but imo these players are just not long term players imo jones, mcasey,worrell (body wise has talent) mchenry, hately,schoenberg, gollant, murphy,hinge,pedlar in saying that i thinkv soligo...
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    Coach Rutten sacked - no, really this time. Could the Dodo face extinction too? 🙏🙏

    tim watson said bombers hadn't talked to clarkson but hinted they had spoke with he's manager, tim watson is out of the loop with what is happening behind the scenes imo. the whole drug saga he was made to look foolish
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    Coach Rutten sacked - no, really this time. Could the Dodo face extinction too? 🙏🙏

    not really ? scott was at the club for 10 years replaced with a guy who sadly had a break down, noble was well yeh bombers had to get rid of hird really and had rutten coach with worsford the media man,
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    this logan mcdonald debate is zzz. better system at the swans the mighty logan had 6 touches and is now 20 games in for 19 goals.
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    huh? you got smashed in the middle yesterday, another ball winner frees up thomas and simpkin to play wing, hf. NM needs class at either end that helps
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    what i don't get is they had a free hit to sign a older ball winner at the mid season draft, jacob dawson say , could of come in filled a gap right away to tie the club over till draft time, but nope they pass for a pick in the draft they don't have atm?
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    News North's recruiting team resigns en masse

    ask any big footy poster "do you think its a good idea to start the year with 2 key backs on the has been cut from two clubs" these three men thought that was a good idea, no loss for north
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    dropped 3 guys they brought to the club under luff, and named archer as a emg coming off a 4 stat game! yikes that is dire ..
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    stacked? agree to disagree almost all of that list have pretty big knocks on them (not JHF), imo a clarko would turn thomas,simpkin into AA players. even LDU on the weekend great game but still lacks the tank to play mid all game into he's 5th season. wonder if luff has the plumbs to cut...
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    the list has so many what's the word long term projects? mcguinness, edwards, archer, thomas, phillips (covid) spicer, the list and depth has fallen off a cliff
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    North Melbourne Priority Pick 2021

    you would say having Access to 2 mature age state league players is bare min but the roos cut atley for hayden, p walker, ex crows player to coach so its really hard to feel to sorry for them.
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    Adrian Dodoro: Football’s Biggest Fraud IMO

    did dodoro sign off on the 2020 draft hand? the three of them all look way off making it