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  1. x_les_x

    Player Watch Billy Frampton

    There will be jokes and memes made about him but he kept Andrews to 7 touches, two intercept possessions and 5 marks at 3 quarter time. Sure would of been nice if he clunked a few and kicked a goal of two but you take that and winning a premiership everyday of the week. Its a premiership team...
  2. x_les_x

    Game Day Cats v Pies: SATURDAY 1.45 pm May 29 AEDT at the MCG (CV19 Impacted)

    Bianco reminds me of Serong hes going to be a gun. All the best for the rest of the game
  3. x_les_x

    Oppo Camp Caleb Poulter (Bulldogs MSD 2023)

    He is more than good. Probably the best possible club to go to in terms of role models re pendlebury taking him under his wing. Has some kinks that need ironing out but i think you will find him to turn into Jackson Macrae mk2 If all else fails he can come back to SA with his best mate Lachy...
  4. x_les_x

    Game Day AFL Round 18 - Collingwood vs Melb Matchday Discussion (ELLIOTT SUB , SCHAZZA LATE REPLACEMENT!!)

    G'day folks just saw scharanberg as an in. He has been injury plagued its finally so good to see him out on the park. He's a real talent that you'll guys should see today. Pretty excited to see him play hopefully he doesn't play too well so that he can come home for cheaper :p In all seriousness...
  5. x_les_x

    Unofficial Preview Changes vs Hawks (Team in OP, Moore and Maynard to debut! Sack out inj. Seed omitted)

    Sorry to intrude but why does paul seedsmen keep getting dropped? Good size I think he won the Anzac medal few weeks back. His numbers last week weren't too good but he does inject a lot of pace into your side.