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  1. Walshawk

    The Stadium!

    Strange the the poll does not include the proposed and most likely option - roof without retractable seats. Meanwhile, final plans for Launceston here. Only rebuilding one third of the eastern stand, infill of a few seats in front of Gunns stand, a new western stand with media, new eastern...
  2. Walshawk

    First Game.

    First game will be at the redeveloped York Park (around 24k). You would want it packed by Tasmanians and you want a win so go with whichever non Vic club is the weakest. If it were 2024… Rnd 1 Tas v WCE York Park Rnd 3 Tas v Freo Bellerive.
  3. Walshawk

    The Stadium!

    MCG is too wide. AO and Optus have better atmosphere due to more narrow dimensions.
  4. Walshawk

    Opinion It is URGENT. Open Tasmania Football Club for membership next week...

    Yes. Even just a $20 foundation membership. Build the database. Get sponsors onboard. Include a ticket to any Hawks or North game, free entry to AFLW games, VFL games from 2025, etc. Just do something.
  5. Walshawk

    The Stadium!

    When is it starting?
  6. Walshawk

    Opinion Nickname

    Surely the team is called Tasmania, not Tasmanian!?!?
  7. Walshawk

    Toast How many of you guys will have Tasmania as your number 1 team?

    Unless you are an immortal, yes.
  8. Walshawk

    Toast How many of you guys will have Tasmania as your number 1 team?

    I reckon most will end up switching - eventually. I was a Dragons fan in the NRL, and decided to stick with them even when Storm came in. I was probably still 50/50 until the end of season 2. Both clubs were playing in the GF. I had decided to support the Dragons, but once the game started, I...