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    News Vale Bluey Hampshire

    I remember that. Was on The Winners from memory, or might have been World of Sport. The 3rd Q was just starting and they showed the coaches box and Bluey was hoeing into a pie. The commentator mentioned they were glad that Bluey made it to the box in time as when he was racing up to the...
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    Prediction Your Draft Selections

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    Prediction Your Draft Selections

    FWIW, we are having a Phantom on our Board and i'm picking for the Catters. So far on the weekend i picked: 23. Sam Taylor 25. Sam Hayes 36. Tom McCartin 59. Brent Daniels and i plan on picking Matthew Day at #72 although it has stalled a bit in the mid 60's. I did listen to Wells' comments...
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    List Mgmt. 2016 GFC National Draft & DFA Thread-please see Mod Announcement Page 50 post #1228

    We're just wrapping up a Phantom Draft on our Board. I picked for the Cats. I took 6 selections, which leaves you at 39 on the main list(?) and some scope to rookie list a few more including probably young Simpson. Anyways, here's your haul: 24. Josh Battle - imo he and Marshall are the only...
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    Bartel announces retirement

    As an ex player and football tragic who watches nearly every game of every team, Jimmy Bartel was a footballers footballer. A real champion who helped make his team a Premiership contender year after year.
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    Scarletts - most importank kick of his life

    :eek: watch it again fella. T'was pure genius.
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    Scarletts - most importank kick of his life

    Totally agree with your 1st paragraph. And i also totally agree with your last sentence.
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    Bomber Signs For 2 More Years

    Congrats to Bomber. I'm a big admirer of his no nonsense, no bullsh*t style. He was, and is, a breath of fresh air in coaches circles. I think Kevin Sheedy fostered an era of spinning and lying and manipulative coaches, typified by my namesake. Conversely i think Bomber has helped usher...
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    D.Milburn and S.Johnson

    Would like you guys opinion on this: I think these 2 guys are the barometer of your side. i have long been a Milburn fan(ever since he flattened Silvagni, i have watched him closely and he is just a GUN player). Johnson,once he upped his fitness, is now the GUN he always had the potential to...