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  1. VL3OJ

    News 2023 Finals Tickets Thread (Rusted on Posters only)

    Sorry for the intrusion in a big week and mods, feel free to delete if this is inappropriate. For those who are P1, registered correctly, and failed to get a ticket, I would strongly suggest grouping your resources and contact one of the top lawyers tomorrow morning to ask the question if an...
  2. VL3OJ

    RIP Billy Picken and Con Britt

    RIP Billy (and Con) and apologies for the intrusion. In my youth, the most exciting player to watch in the VFL was Billy. An absolute genius but with a weird strange bent and the closest explanation of Billy was that he was a certified Wizard who wouldn't be out of place at Hogwartz. He...
  3. VL3OJ

    Universal Love Lou Richards passes away (all tributes to the legend)

    I still hate Collingwood with a passion but my thoughts go out to you all tonight with the passing of Lou. We grew up with him on league teams but don't forget his dogged tenacity on the field. What an absolute bl$%dy legend. RIP - you've earned it.
  4. VL3OJ

    Prediction Beginning of the End of the Footy Show

    Oh thank god it's the other footy show you are talking about. For a minute I thought this thread was about Marngrook which actually entertains and is a football show, something that hasn't happened since the days that Trevor Marmalade did the bar. Phillip Adams once said "We're not celebrating...
  5. VL3OJ

    Game Day AFL Round 11 - Collingwood vs Port Adelaide Matchday Discussion (MCG 1.10pm)

    If you are going to the game, and why shouldn't you, please allow extra time due to a large protest commencing at 1pm by Country Fire Authority Volunteers in Treasury Gardens. Stick it up Kochie BTW!
  6. VL3OJ

    Nathan Jones dad bashed after Collingwood game

    Congratulations on the sentiment of this thread and to the pie supporters who spoke out. One of the great things in our game is the freedom to enjoy watching our great game without the fear of crowd violence. Hopefully the book will be thrown at the offenders.