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  1. Psicosis

    Player Watch #7: Zane Duursma

    We must watch a different sport. And statistically they are identical, with one playing in a better side.
  2. Psicosis

    Speculation Luke Davies-Uniacke (RFA 2025)

    Don’t see any risk of him going to St Kilda tbh. One of the few clubs in the league with less promise of success then North.
  3. Psicosis

    Autopsy autopsy v * in it for more than half a game.

    Spot on. As a result, he’s been performing well. Similarly Corr. Prioritising their defensive strengths. Now the issue is how do we get Scott and Tucker to do the same…
  4. Psicosis

    Player Watch #18: Wil 'Shotgun' Dawson

    WTF are some of you on about? Thought he competed well. Copped a knock early and kept fighting. I don’t attribute those goals to him (1 was kicked on Chom), it was a result of up the ground. Thought he competed really well, spoilt well and blimey he can actually kick. He was far from a...
  5. Psicosis

    Autopsy autopsy v * in it for more than half a game. to watch LDU Sheez Wardlaw Powell, sensational all four of them are stars Pay LDU whatever we need to X belted Goldy Enjoyed watching McKay s*** himself and have a stinker Corrs job on Langford was elite, should have been goalless if not for a sh*t effort from his teammate to gift...
  6. Psicosis

    Player Watch #1: Hugh Greenwood

    Varying opinions on Hugh on here, however this is exactly why we need him at the club. 2x South Australians 1x Western Australian 2x VIC Country Making these guys feel comfortable being away from home, is a critical part of our future. Notice how none of these boys appear to get an invite...
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  8. Psicosis

    Player Watch #10: Colby McKercher - Rd9 AFL Rising Star Nominee

    On 360 tonight. I hope Slobbo asks him about Tassie. Bet he won’t again. What’s stood out from these couple of interviews is how confident and c*ck sure this kid is. It’s a joy to see.
  9. Psicosis

    Player Watch #30: Charlie Comben

    Thought he was a real shining light for us on a dark night in the NT. Keep him back. Let him get 20 games in a row. It’s a pillar we don’t have to worry about.
  10. Psicosis

    List Mgmt. Brady Rawlings | Head of Football Talent (Recruitment, LM & TPP)

    Tbf to Rawlings, difficult to recruit to a game plan when you’ve had multiple coach changes and even more game plan changes. GWS, McCartney, Kingsley and even their board in Bartel, are super clear with how they want to play. We are so far from that as an organisation it isn’t funny. Whilst I...
  11. Psicosis

    Player Watch #22: Taylor Goad - #20 in '23 ND - the Unicorn

    ...further than that. Goady has been the complete opposite since coming into the club. Think he’s actually shown quite a bit more than Edwards did in his two years at VFL in about 6? Games already. What a f*cking stupid comparison to make from someone who has no idea what they are talking about.
  12. Psicosis

    Bye bye Clarkson

    As much as people don’t want to hear it and will argue that the list build has been ongoing for 5+ years, the unfortunate reality is that this is year 2 of the complete club rebuild. Still a long way to go. For me, it’s more a reflection of how dark the place was, versus how dark it currently...
  13. Psicosis

    Autopsy The good, the bad and the oh dear v St Kilda

    It’s give and take. Sheezel concedes goals in that role as well. It’s on the defensive system to support him. I think we should be able to cover one attacking defender. The issue was when we had Sheezel, Colby, Fisher and Scott all doing it. For me, him gaining the confidence of getting the...
  14. Psicosis

    Autopsy The good, the bad and the oh dear v St Kilda

    Actually shocked how many people are suggesting Colby isn’t played in the back half. He’s had by far his best two games. Showed he is very capable of playing Harry’s role. Gives us something a little different to Harry as well because he is just so penetrating. He’s also not ready to play mid...
  15. Psicosis

    Autopsy The good, the bad and the oh dear v St Kilda

    Thought it was by far our best performance of the year behind the Freo game. Credit to Clarko for accepting the feedback. Sheezel to midfield, Archer & Hardeman genuine defenders, Scott to a wing, Mckercher to Sheezel role. The combination of these changes + our senior players performing to...
  16. Psicosis

    Preview Changes vs Saints May 4th 4:35 at Docklands [out: Stephens/Laz/WiPhi/Biggie / In: Sleevo/Pink/Arch/Shiels]

    Hoping to see: Powell back in the midfield Ditch the three attacking defenders, Archer into the back 6, Harry in the middle, Scott to a wing, Colby to take Harry’s role Scott to take Stephens spot on the wing Biggie has had two stinkers so happy for Pink to come in Laz is stiff.
  17. Psicosis

    Coach Alastair Clarkson - NMFC Senior Coach - Coaching & Football Discussion

    I prefer that at least they’re honest. If they said that it was incorrect and they do train hard enough I’d be f*kn real concerned.
  18. Psicosis

    Roast Training standards / skills and fitness

    Curious to see the Q&A in full, but expecting a lot of fluff, without actually answering any of the difficult questions…
  19. Psicosis

    Preview Changes vs Saints May 4th 4:35 at Docklands [out: Stephens/Laz/WiPhi/Biggie / In: Sleevo/Pink/Arch/Shiels]

    Yeah I don’t disagree, I don’t expect us to roll out these changes this week either unfortunately. Until we do, expect same result every week.
  20. Psicosis

    Preview Changes vs Saints May 4th 4:35 at Docklands [out: Stephens/Laz/WiPhi/Biggie / In: Sleevo/Pink/Arch/Shiels]

    Sheezel to mid/fwd Mckercher to the Sheezel distributor role Surround Mckercher with actual defenders (not Scott, Sheezel, Fisher) Simpkin to play wing Scott to play wing Pink to replace Biggie Back 6 of Chom Pink Mckercher Hardeman McDonald Corr + Bergman Drop Stephens, Fisher (one can be sub)...
  21. Psicosis

    List Mgmt. 2024 Trade & List Management Thread

    Mercenary written all over him 🤣 5 year deal incoming
  22. Psicosis

    Preview 2024 National Draft Preview Thread

    Not until we actually see improvement would I consider doing such a thing. Some wanted to do that last year, imagine this joint if we had no first round pick this year 🤣🤣🤣. Hell no!
  23. Psicosis

    Preview 2024 National Draft Preview Thread

    Btw I actually prefer we take Finn O’Sullivan than Smillie. FOS is a ⭐️ absolute class.
  24. Psicosis

    Roast The Origins of Our Current Struggles, laid bare

    This article is excellent. It shows that the issues at our football club aren’t just on one individual (Scott, Joyce, Amarfio, Noble, Buckley, Rawlings, Luff) but on years of shocking decision after worse decision. What it also shows is how difficult this job is and despite the regression this...
  25. Psicosis

    List Mgmt. 2024 Trade & List Management Thread

    Well this is the issue that Viney and co face. The market is limited, coupled with the fact how unattractive we are as a destination. There won’t be a quick fix. There won’t be a Lachie Neil opting to go to the Lions. We need to get better internally before being able to attract the right...
  26. Psicosis

    Bye Bye Jen Watts

    Well depends what type of change you mean. Improvement in onfield performance, standards within the football department and recruiting? Absolutely. Stability off-field is as important as any of these, after all the change we’ve had the last 8 years. Sacking people 18 months in ain’t helping...
  27. Psicosis

    Preview 2024 National Draft Preview Thread

    Smillie to North is about as surer thing as there’s been in last few drafts. You think our drafting gets criticised now, just wait if we pass on him 🤣. The club needs to get inventive in acquiring more picks in late first, early second to address our copious key position needs. The took Dawson...
  28. Psicosis

    List Mgmt. 2024 Trade & List Management Thread

    Without any on-field improvement and light at the end of the tunnel, we are only going to attract more mercenaries. We need to be a lot more careful about what senior players we actually go after. Learn from the 100 mistakes we’ve made in the last decade f*** sake.
  29. Psicosis

    Bye Bye Jen Watts

    I do think it’s important that she is more visible in the media, especially when things are this dark.
  30. Psicosis

    Player Watch #10: Colby McKercher - Rd9 AFL Rising Star Nominee

    Thought it was by far his best game and is capable of taking Sheezels role allowing Harry to move up the ground. Whilst his kicking isn’t as good as Harry’s, his run and penetration is better. Great for Colby’s development to ease him in like we have with Sheez, equally Harry is needed more...