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  1. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

    I can only speak for the Camfield side wing, level 1 and level 5. The small bars and small bars/food stands typically only have one beer on tap. It used to be either Alby or Single Fin, but there has been Coastal Lager this year. The Alby Bar near Gate D on level 1 has at least four beers...
  2. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Which clubs are really the big four of the AFL?

    There are no seated memberships available. You buy a $70 In The Wings membership to get on the waiting list, paying for this membership each season to keep your place in the queue. Reserved Seat and Flexi memberships are unavailable for purchase at this time. Members must progress through the...
  3. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    West Coast - where to now?

    Averaging stuff makes you better than other players?
  4. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    v Sydney, line to the station was just stupid - 30 mins to get on a train - fck that. v Cats...

    ...that. v Cats, went to the Camfield (smashed), then train to Perth, then walk to Murray St, then Greenwood. v Suns, Camfield, tried stadium station but closed, so Uber...$66 home. Fckd. My problem. Can't stand lines, so get p*ssed, then want to get home. But fck me, no trains...3 hours after...
  5. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

    Ground level, block 147, whch is in between centre half fwd & the 50m mark. Basically an entire row behind me (cat A), plus a bunch of seats to my left in my row (cat b) were empty. Assumed these were for general admission...
  6. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Strength Weight Training: Anything and Everything II

    Love squatting at the moment. I'm an over 40 yo (just) office jockey...I smith machine squatted when I started lifting again 5 years ago. I then progressed to free weight BB squatting, and in the past couple of years, I've goblet squatted when I've either felt sore or if I'm travelling and in a...
  7. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

    That was our story. A 22 year member & a 17 year member, seated 5 rows from the opposition interchange bench at Subi, and moved to 5 rows from the back of the top tier at the new stadium. We were disappointed, but happy with where we eventually ended up.
  8. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

    Maybe not all, but at least some is restricted viewing. We initially moved from row 18, block 521 to row 9, block 542 (more central, a little closer to the playing surface), knowing the stairwell was in front of us - which we thought would mean largely unobstructed views (sure, through the...
  9. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    News Moving To Optus Stadium

    Moved from 521, row 18 to the sunnyside 542, row 9 with the stairs in front. Not a lot of ground level options on the wing, and just wanted a little bit closer than 4 rows from the back, which was all that was available on the shady side of the ground. Someone earlier in the thread commented...
  10. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    News Moving To Optus Stadium

    The "preview" view changes depending on when you look. Go in there now and you'll see that they're all taken. I'm guessing the re-allocation window is still open for some members during the day and shuts down at night. I've read all the instructions, so I understand I've got a chance of moving...
  11. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    News Moving To Optus Stadium

    The "preview" viewer is f8cked. Last Thursday night, limited seats available. Friday evening, more available. Stupid-a clock this morning, absolutely nothing available. Now, lots. They're f8cking with me...
  12. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    News Moving To Optus Stadium

    22 yrs, Friday 3-5pm. So no, not before Thursday.
  13. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    News Moving To Optus Stadium

    Was block 105, now block similar position on the wing, but in the nose bleeds in row 18. How are we going to be able to give the opposition players on bench sh!t from 521??? I reckon block 120 would be like for like - guessing the "standard" 22 year membership didn't count for that much.
  14. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    News Moving To Optus Stadium

    You can see what is left, but it appears as if there is f8ck all left - from what they're allowing us to see...for example; - section 518 has two seats left, not next to each other. - All ground level blocks between the 50 metre arcs have nothing left. Lets see what happens when they open it...
  15. Fletch Pewterschmidt


    A mate has had 3 over about 5 or 6 years...he had to return the first 2 within the first two years under warranty. They're OK, but the pump is a bit weak, which i'm guessing is why they broke (too much use maybe??? they'd use it 3 to 4 times a day, pouring two cups at a time). You also don't...
  16. Fletch Pewterschmidt


    We had the em6900 for ~ 9 years. We had it repaired a couple of times; once to remove calcium (didn't clean it enough) and once to replace the pump. Aside from that, it was a great machine, especially the double pump which meant you could pour the coffee and froth the milk at the same time. The...
  17. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Health Vasectomy?

    Did it a few years ago; Day surgery on a Friday. Walked out an hour or so after and drove home. Hung out on the couch for a couple of days, went to work Monday and no sport for two weeks. Tidy nurses too :)
  18. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    What unpopular AFL opinions do you have? (Part 1 - cont in Part 2)

    It's my opinion that Moana Hope now wears number 5 for the Pies men's team.
  19. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Round 10 Discussion

    Oliver...94...but 7k 28h...***inserts the olden days footy brain***, just kick the bloody thing!!!
  20. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Ex docker's explosive claims of drug culture at freo "Shane Yarran played again today in the league match and was a bloody disgrace. Every time the big fella coaching let him off the leash and out on the ground Yarran humiliated the club...
  21. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    AFL 2017 - R7 - Port Adelaide v West Coast Eagles - 16:05 ACST, AO

    This bit was funny; BEST Port Adelaide: LeCras, Shuey, Yeo, Priddis, Hearn, Shephard, Barrass, Sheppard West Coast: Dixon, Ryder, Wingrad, Ebert, Jonas A few fails going on there...
  22. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Fremantle vs Geelong - AFL Rd 1, 2017 - 4:40 @DS

    ROFLcopter anyone?
  23. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Food/Supplements Diet Diet, Supplements and Enhancers - Part III contains Kigelia Africana Extract (known as Octodrine, DMHA or dimethylhexylamine). Would recommend. Took my first serve this morning and it was very effective, with high energy levels all day. I can't say though how it compares...
  24. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

    Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2140 Capacity: 81,500
  25. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Food, Drink & Dining Out Can you use chopsticks?

    Yes but get the Asian soup spoon involved when getting to the bottom of the bowl to scoop up the rice. But Thai (who don't traditionally use chop sticks) & sometimes Malay involves western spoon and fork.
  26. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Hawthorn v Collingwood - Rd 23, 2016 - Sun@3:20

    I feel dirty but GO YOU PIES!!!
  27. Fletch Pewterschmidt

    Perth Stadium (Optus Stadium)

    I'm a 15 year WCE member (who coincidentally sits in a similar location at Subi - block 105 row HH, which is standard seating and one row in front of premium) and the offer outlined in that letter is exactly what I want. Similar location and same category. Need to check with the Mrs as she's a...