1. acm21

    News New Jumpers for 2022

    With the afl home and away season coming to an end, I thought it would be good to start a thread for big footy Christmas. Looking for confirmed, rumoured or speculation of changes to the afl and aflw kits, sponsors and, potentially, logo changes for the 2022 season.
  2. Swooping_Magpie

    Portfolio AFL Jumper redesigns by Swooping_Magpie

    Following the 2021 AFL Grand Final, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has announced some major changes for each teams jumper set for the 2022 AFL Season The changes are as follows: -All teams will sign with Swooping Magpie Sportswear for the next 5 years -Every team must design a Home, Away and...
  3. aCunningPlan

    Workshop Jumper Ideas for 2022

    Rough North idea. Yes, white shorts.
  4. S

    Opinion Petition for a new logo?

    Hi all, catching a lot of us noise about Crows supporters starting to get sick of seeing our ridiculous logo. I feel like it’s a great time to shake things up, especially as we are entering a new era as a footy club and in general life (COVID). What style of logo would we be after as a club...